Do not take oneself undeserved leader
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The hero that has leader power truly is those make it the Everyman of extraordinary career. They are not public character, celebrity or giant star. They live by what the neighbour next door us perhaps is in our office to work namely. We are dedicated had had 25 years at heading the research of force. Heading force is not to originate position and title. Heading force is not the power that the organization gives you and authority, also do not involve fame and money, it and you are born in why to plant the family does not have a relation. Not be to become CEO, president, general manager or premier has leader power namely. The doing that leads force and human relation, accredit and you has close relationship!

You are the mainest leader in the organization

If you are the manager in an organization, so, to your subordinate, you are the mainest leader in the organization. You affect them more likely than any leader go and stay, they are the degree of their professional development road, their ethics act, their talent put to good use, motive force that they serve a client, right working satisfaction is spent and they are willing to share an organization to wish scene.

If you are the parent, teacher, coach or the leader of community, you can affect the youth's leader namely, the actor that is not those Hip-Hop, movie star or athlete. The situation that if why treat competition,studies a leader in them, when answering the crisis, difficult position that assumes failure to perhaps solve morality, you are the object that they learn the most likely. Not be others, be you!

To us the leader with the greatest influence is the person all round us. Once realise this, people can see leader strength from a different point of view. Yukari Huguenard is a leader that we study for a long time, after examining the hypothesis to heading force afresh, he had very big change to leading the think of a way of force: I thought the leader is high-level controller of the organization in the past. Below the influence of this viewpoint, I feel huge gap cannot span between oneself and leader. Now, I think the person in the any administrative levels, group that heads any dimensions can call a leader. If you can use 5 practice that head force, you namely a leader, because the person all round you wants,follow you. Accordingly, I feel I had been a leader.

It is OK that you are done not have evasive leeway, heading force is the thing of everybody. No matter you are what position, you must want to assume the role that has the leader that you assume. This means you and everybody to want to lead force to be in charge of to yours, because you are all round the mainest leader of the person. You choose exclusively even if otherwise should become best leader.

Lead force to be able to learn and know

Somebody thinks leader force is the thing of little part person only. "The leader is inherent acquired still education " this kind of problem, often meet aggrandizement this kind of wrong viewpoint. We give birth to this worldly, but, the behavior before we leave is OK however oneself decide.
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