The duty field life of pattern woman
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The age is the woman's most sensitive thing, however everybody cannot hold back years flush, in the woman 20, 30, 40 phase, about the career, about the family, about oneself, what kind of different comment can you have?

The woman bursts at the beginning of 20 bud

Girl of 20 years old is the most beautiful is bright appearance not merely, more important is the passion that fly upwards. This is a free age. However, because too much freedom can choose, so also too much responsibility needs him to assume. So, longing of 20 years old is too good, be harmed too easily also. Angle dreams to mean pay, pay mean redound and risk to coexist.

As the woman, the blain blain look that you give to explode newly is hurt, for chubby arm distressed; You have self-confidence, have a view, little gorgeous colour, OK very beautiful make public; Your for love and career mood rises and fall; You want to find new job to complain qualifications and record of service is too shallow again however all the day the future is confused; It is OK that you feel at hand has big youth prodigal, of the child " thank aunt " make you sad however a long time.

Regard duty field as the female, your career just starts. First experience duty field, youthful vital energy fills you still want go through the mill, you oppugn authority easily, oppugn oneself choice easily also. Accept new thing, consciousness your avant-courier, easily strong, emphasize own equality, provide more on choose course of study manipulative. Finding new job often is commonplace. Right now, still do not have domestic responsibility you, pressure basically comes from at the career.

Might as well try: In phase of this career start, what pack up you please is childish, duty field needs the person that reason ponders over, and rather than " disposition go-between " , not be more " charming charming princess " . What present your need does is sufficient analysis hind, choose suitable profession, insist to learn.

I am ancient without Title ancient employee of 24 years old of companies

Graduate work is already fast two years, but it seems that never truly quiet to come down to had considered oneself future, although once believed clingingly " my future is not a dream " , but more and more discovery had done not have those who daydream " courage " .

This day, was used to the ground to go up QQ. A netizen that chatted 3 years asks me suddenly: "You now what position? "


I temporarily tongue-tied.

Be, already on-the-job field hits me what went all out two years, still do not have Title, still be batman. Do oneself dream about what did not come? Not be to also be maintained " look to listen to much study more more, can batman also change hero " ? But, I still am the crop common people of the company. The netizen's word touched that my finest nerve indeed. But halt after 20 seconds, abide by me happy and consummate to still cast his word: "Readily take the opportunity to this is relaxed. "
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