Instruct you 29 court, let you be in gregarious, the everybody on duty field is
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1. appearance is not rebarbative, if grow badly, let oneself have literary talent; If literary talent also is done not have, that always smiles.

2. temperament is crucial. If vogue learns bad, aux would rather honest.

When 3. and person handclasp, can grasp a little while more. Sincerity is treasure.

4. need not whats are used " I " become subject.

5. does not lend money to the friend.

6. does not want " force " the domestic album that the guest sees you.

7. and person are hit " " when, sit beside the driver first please.

8. holds to rearward to say others a good word, do not fear this fine words is not passed in party ear.

9. somebody speaks ill of someone before you when, you smile only.

Him 10. drives a car, the fellow worker that does not want specially to stop to ride a bicycle with greets sb. The family can think you are being shown off.

When 11. colleague falls ill, go visitting him. Very naturally sits on his sickbed, come home to wash his hands seriously again.

12. does not want a bygone to let a person know completely.

13. respects the person that does not like you.

14. is incorrect to the thing person; Or merciless to the thing, want to have feeling to the person; Or be an upright person the first, work next.

15. self-criticism always can let a person believe, ego is praised criterion otherwise.

The person that 16. is watched than surrounding without what thing people can improve your bowls result more. So, do not want grudge usually your hip.

What 17. does not want an others is good, regard of course as. Want to know to be thankful.

On 18. banyan " myna " telling, tell only do not listen, the result is mat. Institutional listen respectfully.

The master in 19. esteem lodge and get healthful nurse.

When 20. talks, write down commonly usedly " us " begin.

The person that 21. sings to each appearing on the stage applauses.

22. wants ask while knowing the answer sometimes: Your auger Buddhist monastic discipline is very expensive! Sometimes, although want to also cannot ask, for instance: Are you how old?

23. word is broken surely more, the person's much circumstance little speech.

24. what did not export " not " change: "This need time " , " I endeavor " , " I am not affirmatory " , " after I decide, can give you to call " ...

25. does not want expectation everybody to like you, that is impossible, allow the expression that most person likes even if succeeds.

26. of course, oneself should like oneself.

27. if you are being performed or lecture when, if want to have a person only,listening to also want intention continuity to go down, although do not have a person to give a big hand to also want to act, because this is your successful path, it is your successful cradle, the person that you do not see is successful, want you to succeed however.
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