"The sea returns " clerk monthly pay 1000 yuan
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Expenditure studies abroad 1 million yuan 8 years 1500 of the monthly pay after the Master goes back to the motherland
Learned 8 years to earn 2 master's degree, but now month all income only 1500 yuan; Outstanding high school student is sent Germany to study abroad 8 years, also did not take an examination of even the university on... Chongqing assist with psychological adviser office director Tan introduces stoutly, recently, student studying abroad, " the sea returns " the case increase that undertakes psychology seeks advice, problem of student studying abroad pays close attention to urgently.

"The sea returns " clerk monthly pay 1000 yuan

"This all one's life can study abroad devoted money, earn come back to be satisfied. " Liu Li (alias) afferent manage refers division complaint, "The sea returns " he maintains dinner party and life with cash ability of parents even.

Liu Li this year 45 years old. After the university graduated 1980, work in a middle school and a company early or late, but Liu Li is dissatisfactory. 1990, liu Li goes to an university of Australian south, assiduously study economics Master. After going back to the motherland, liu Li waited for 2 years in Shanghai, Shenzhen, the knowledge that discovers oneself is not practical; Liu Li hurries off to Australia again, in Melbourne an university assiduously studies MBA, went back to the motherland 2000. Limit of 8 years of student studying abroad, the flower in Liu dropped the 10 thousand yuan about a hundred saving in the home.

After answering Chongqing, he opened a management to consult a company. After 2 years, the company ends with having a deficit to go bankrupt more than yuan 30. Now, liu Li must be in an ad firm to become a clerk, month all income only 1500 yuan.

Prepotent study abroad 8 years the university also was not taken an examination of on

Differ with Liu Li, xiaoli of 26 years old (alias) junior high school graduates, with respect to the parents that is hoped children will have a bright future, arrangement studies abroad to Germany, go to Germany 8 years unexpectedly time, belong to prepotent Xiaoli in Chongqing originally, also did not take an examination of even the university in Germany on. "Attend language of culture of all sorts of continuation school, take lessons after school, was over time with respect to do sth over and over again. "

2004, after Xiaoli answers Chongqing to cross the Spring Festival, preparation answers Germany again " the university entrance exam " , unexpectedly German embassy however with " 8 years time was not taken an examination of attend a college, have emigrant tendency " for, reject to deal with visa for its. Angry Xiaoli at once the mother cruel hit, drove a door out of the mother, reason is " the mother is done not have and embassy scanty have friendly relations concerns " .

Maternal complain tearfully of Xiaoli, 8 years of time, xiaoli not only 1 million yuan of money in expenditure home, and connect a diploma to also be done not have. Now, of Xiaoli with age person already the university graduates, find more satisfactory job, if it were not for follows suit blindly at the outset send the child to study abroad, small perhaps Li Hui is betterer.
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