Sale elite people, begin turn from side to side your client!
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It is in the sale world that the client is god, this caption as good as at throw egg against rock, but just is this manuscript, just make I move toward industry of quick pass the time in a leisurely way, move toward the front of sale. The author thinks the germ of poor dissimilation sales promotion depends on do sth over and over again, and the popular word that poor dissimilation sales promotion is current sale group, do not know to be opposite deny?
The reason of client of do sth over and over again?

Reason one: Help client develops. Regain consciousness above all the client's brains, enjoy the courteous reception like god for a long time, can form naturally only me alone honour, the individual disposition of extremely arrogant and working style. Average performance is the management problem be indifferent to sth of in-house to the company existence; To the question that the client raises, ignore; Always operate region market with company or individual likes and dislikes, no matter leave the fate of tourist door. Make below the situation that understands without investigation highbrow decision-making, increase price blindly in what go up in factory price basis when a few products introducing to the market for instance, to channel member cut reduce pressure blindly, stay in the advertisement respect of the company only to the sales promotion of the product, know inadequacy to ground offensive, the integral sales promotion that cannot cooperate a company quite will undertake operating.

Reason 2: Promote us (manufacturer) joint development.

Agency sells downstream the first segment as manufacturer, the strategy that its manage consciousness and brand develops way whether for the development that be identical reachs agency to the brand crucial, brand and agency whether reach consensus, finish the premise of a target to be adjusted namely jointly, and adjusted process, be the process of the do sth over and over again to agency? The ask and takes channel that competes to suit for instance sinks, to the brainwashing education of agency deepness, and all-around management that takes to agency is transformed etc.

Do sth over and over again your means?

Means one: The sale promotes novelty spy, experience jobber transforms and more agency come, sell award to channel is entered mediumly pattern of drive of this kind of channel is very familiar, but to current new-style sales promotion for instance: Special canal sales promotion, the sales promotion of all sorts of festivals, term begins even, the sales promotion of the means such as the university entrance exam is very not close. So operate personnel as the brand that has sufferred major to groom, load move general sale to promote communicate agency thoroughly, help its fulfil reach the designated position, and groom the important task of agency interior personnel. Operate the ability of sales promotion alone through raise agency to selling stimulative understanding, break away from the sales promotion that manufacturer has directly, make agency is taken out timelily regional, specific aim is stronger sales promotion activity, achieve what region market grows to run a requirement thereby.
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