Is moral character main or is ability important?
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An enterprise a branch is by what differ personnel is comprised, everybody has from already actor defect, had used a company or the group is vibrant efficiency is remarkable, with the fault enterprise or group are inanimate efficiency is low, can so say, choose and employ persons is a very crucial link in supervising the work. We let elaborate my viewpoint from a few respects below.

(1) be apt to telling a person with

About this the EXPERTS with too much too much BOOKS undertook many treatise, here, little younger brother emphasizes here, show its value. As a controller, must understand the good qualities of every MEMBER in TEAM and weakness, arrange proper place to everybody, do maneuverability to adjust according to the actor defect of employee, let TEAM develop the biggest efficiency, only such, ability creation organizes the working environment with harmonious, close union, company HAPPY, employee also HAPPY.

(2) is moral character main or is ability important?

When interview employee, ability of level of the ABC that we pay attention to them very much, technology, thinking, innovation ability and group spirit, and often oversight their moral character, we often say to work to learn to be an upright person first, the moral quality that stressed a person with ability is put in the first, lag behind to cannot be afraid of actually, it is to be chased no longer awfully, failure is not terrible, terrible is to rise no longer, others look down upon is not terrible, terrible is from already look down upon from already.

(3) is qualifications and record of service important or is ability important?

It is in our country's very much business, advocating a kind " it is with the person this " administrative method, but it is the qualifications and record of service with the person is given priority to mostly, namely staff grows more in the working hours of the enterprise, the qualification is older, salary is higher, position is higher also, after new employee enters a business, pay pay position rises smoothly according to year after year of qualifications and record of service, can say qualifications and record of service became these enterprises to elevate cadre and the level that raise wage. This kind of standard does not accord with the choose mechanism that uses talent not only, and cause easily inside bad news, capable but the outstanding talent with still shallow qualifications and record of service did not get reasonable applying, serve as controller so, in the enterprise interior must establish scientific and reasonable personnel choose mechanism, break the limitation of qualifications and record of service, not stick to one pattern picks a talented person, because certain person is on some post,cannot work time is longly to conclude absolutely will surely be competent firstly taller the post of one class.

(4) do not judge people with their appearance

The person with brilliant and normally beautiful appearance has definite advantage in social situation, give you better the first impression at least, love beautiful heart person to all have after all, the man sees beautiful female, the woman sees a handsome young man, hard to avoid looks twice to raise more raise a key point, but if this is planted,state of mind uses a talented person in discriminating, that is highbrow, the person with a brilliant and beautiful appearance, other side also is not outstanding certainly, ah, I am not envious handsome male beautiful female people, although I its appearance not raise, but still confidence faces an audience, if you are a controller, a special MAN, must not the MM with gorgeous and conspicuous at sight of, without giving thought to He Neng of her He Cai, want to accept the gate, ah, that is dangerous, although have the function that raises a key point, but the job wants effort and dedicated, patronage is worn raise a key point, get red-eyed disease carefully, ah, disputed over trifles so much, my heart itched a bit, major man is a kind of randy animal, I 10 have 89 to belong to this category, but the means of choose and employ persons that we must cast off judge people with their appearance, to any person, have underlying actual strength only namely so called immanent beauty just is reliable and long, deserve pursuit and respect, although explicit appearance, figure, elegant demeanour is mixed,counterpoise, the very alluring also person such as belongings, but immanent moral character, knowledge, ability and sincerity, self-confidence give a person experience have charm more, if elder brother stage returns not clear word, invite advisory Zhu Geliang, he should be the EXPERT of this respect.
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