Let the 6 big cities that the white-collar is mentally and physically exhausted
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NO.1 Hong Kong

Commment: "The hand stops a mouth " crisis move is long fill do not decline; Everybody has investment idea; Art people is for forever work and not dare love and rest; Hold two or more posts concurrently and charging is labour the both wings of firewood a group of things with common features; Snack newspaper always is sales volume the biggest.

TV time: The division grandma that defending TV is in the majority, the 6.5 million audience of Asian TV and wireless TV is the recreational means that the Hongkong's person does not have expense, but people more moment is so busy that people more moment be forced to hear broadcast on the road, then the broadcasting station of this city amounts to 13.

Snack inn: The sort of Hong Kong of number of inn of snack of Chinese and Western of Chinese city is the most all ready, the advertisement of Mcdonald's also annual is not had cease the ground is done.

Walk speed: "Move of feeling " not be billow gets undeserved reputation absolutely, there is motor sound when traffic green light, every crossing always has covey person to waiting for assault.

Alcohol spends: Besides Lan Guifang, spend without alcohol almost on the table of Hong Kong person but character, only malt degree.

Time of work and rest: Toward 9 evening 5, but " open OT " (work overtime) the pet phrase that is Hong Kong person, day all the subway that passenger flow measures 2.3 million person-time everyday from in the morning 6 when to midnight 1 fortune goes, nocturnal inn also is stream billowy.

Time going to work shops the person is angry: City of second of Asia of administrative efficiency house is very few person time going to work shops, the more on the street is outback tourist. This year inside Spring Festival a week, outback tourist is consumed in harbor 2.7 billion.

Find new job frequency: What Hong Kong does not find new job is officeholder. The citizen cuts down the member of persons employed because of industry boom, company at any time, add firewood to dig horn and find new job, poineering rate exceeds the 18 youths that come 24 years old 30% .

Body movement measures: Carry momentum slants little, ill stomach trouble of eye ill waist is much.

The mobile phone communicates condition: Can talk about the job why when.

Marriage love a circumstance: Marry the number is decreased greatly, the divorce leads tall house not to fall, before sheet kisses a family to compare 10 years, increase 7 into, the trend is the girl should live together, the boy wants to marry; Be like,single group is opposite " G0-Con " popular.

NO.2 Suzhou

Commment: The whole nation that attracts foreign capital it is pair of person that work are deadly attract, its world plant position is in Dongguan of shake bead three-cornered and Shenzhen, also be travel destination; The job is the argument that this city develops, piece rate is the development backing of most person.
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