Management is allegorical: The administrative concept of pig and dog
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Management is allegorical: The management of pig and dog concept

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A pig came to a new company to make a person in charge, a few dogs come over to cluster round it. After passing period of time, discovery works everywhere passive, the worker's resentment is very big, of pig and dog decision-making carry out very hard. The decision after pig and dog are then consultative asks famous business management expert to undertake coach and grooming. The expert let pig and dog see the concept with the administrative pattern of advanced company on the world and employee consummate benefit above all, told about our country tradition mainly finally Confucianism business culture, gave out at present the path of the settlement of company difficult position: Esteem employee gives everybody equal development chance, namely human nature turns management. Pig and dog nod again and again saying is.

The administrative layer that pig dog holds to be inferior to on pig dog horse the following day is whole a congress, the conduct propaganda that manages a concept catchword imprints into large size scroll to mix but the brand of stickup suspensibility, hang in enterprise gate on two side, enclosure, on each wall of office division, on the side of the closestool that the toilet is even in the workshop. Pig and dog manage strategy to feel very glad to this, when the controller that pig dog is inferior to goes publicize and arousing, two dogs drink tea in the office: Hahaha, the strategy that runs an expert is tall! A human nature turns management, make a worker serious the job is without complaint to dedicate for us. Actually those so called people are goofy, they know to work with both hands only, do not know to betray dignity and conscience to put down two hands to make a dog however, be willing to standing to struggle dignity ideal does physical labor forever. It is much better to see us put down two hands to make a dog, put from the solution in hard work already, the result that tired dead tired work does those workers returns in the end is us. Still have a bit very hopeful this our team that learns a dog also is in expand with each passing day, have an opportunity later we want us the successful dog culture of this industry writes book end to say, perhaps we also can do management to learn an expert to discourse on an academic subject everywhere.

Passed the administrative practice of period of time, the condition of board and lodging of worker of a gleam of had a bit improvement a little, overwork pay also is in forward the direction of state law code tries hard. Then pig and the achievement that the dog feels him striking, in superior of the as it happens after getting ready through be being mixed after labyrinthian effort for many times governmental important official has an opportunity that inspects to this city, at the door the business that can arrange motorcade to pass them, if can let a leader be interested, can see their company incidentally. Then pig and dog seek a person technically custom-built business suit, wash and dress and pig wool and dog wool, gate mouth is pensile balloon and catchphrase, await a leader to inspect. Among them the dog has deeper impression before ranking leader to have, those who return the wool get rid of of head of specially general dog is very few and far between, the specially on the face made furrow, in order to show spare no effort in the performance of one's duty and the pattern that are exhaustion of working body and mind. In the morning 8 when, pig and dog business suit are very straight stand in enterprise gate mouth to await a leader to inspect with two hind legs. Till 10 o'clock much, had not seen the leader arrives the spot, the pig in the scorching sun of summer and dog fall in thick uniform package plus fat weight, they show fine hind leg to be in all the time slightly chatter. The dog subordinate that at that time a clever and bright pig dog is inferior to runs to maintain an umbrella to them, still move a chair, by the dog a curse: Don't you know a leader most abstain from does the others below Youshangsi's present condition give maintain an umbrella? Still your fuck does not know we sit the chair is very tired, is our dog to bend over wear or is the dog taking those who rest? Your dog head? Spent a hour again, the height of the sun is honest too tall, pig and dog are not maintained really, put down come with respect to the foreleg of this be born originally. To there hit a phone to be contacted, result the answer there: Ranking leader has gone over there you.
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