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Brigade beautiful learned man Mr Xue Chong recently article " China cannot work for the world forever " (on January 31, 2006 " southern Metropolis Daily " ) read the move that will make a person have be filled wisdom. The article points out: Chinese future competes on sufficient market definitely. The foundation of this one competition, depend on system of the smallest economy (individual and family) fundamental material benefits and quality. Pour a few big companies to did not concern, GDP growth did not concern a bit slower, but common people in medical treatment, educationally main demand must be satisfied.

Humanism person normally rational to the tool sniff, the value reason old standard that likes to come up to carry and so on of free, human rights. But I believe all the time, of tall state, the tool reason that reachs the other shore of genuine knowledge, truth is met certainly as rational as value reach the same goal by different routes, such tool reason is analysed, often need more rational than simple value judgement deep much work force, also appeal to than simple value beg more convincing.

This respect, indian fact can show an issue very much it seems that: In recent years, the GDP that the 2 % that India appeared to already cast off its not to no hurry unbearably thoroughly control to 3 % " India increases rate " , begin to approach the level of East Asia. Come from April 2005 in June, indian GDP grew 8.1 % , and go up the growth of year of the corresponding period is 7.6 % . Make a person more exclamatory is, india builds the home of new plant and equipment to invest to reach half level of China only, the foreign country invests to also have 10 % of China only directly, gained this one success however. Go two years, although Chinese GDP maintained fast growth, but mixed 2003 2004, the GDP investment of Chinese near 50 % arrived on domestic factory and equipment, comparative with whole GDP of India almost. This one scale exceeds any other countries, exceeded oneself exaggerated in time of Chinese centrally planned economy level even.

The comment points out, chinese growth comes from giant resource accumulation, and Indian growth comes from the efficiency that improves ceaselessly. Economic touchstone is not in Yu Yiguo whether attract a large number of foreign countries to invest directly, and depend on this country whether education does poineering work, supportive health competition, and avoid the commercial environment that suffers crude politics interpose relatively. In this respect, india is done outstandingly than China (on Feburary 2 " southern Metropolis Daily " ) . China the mistake that in 20 centuries 90 time made a cost hold high, it made the installation of a lot of world-class, but education invests serious inadequacy. Newest investigation makes clear, chinese education did not promote the citizen's competition ability in the round not only, become urban and rural dweller to send deficient instead advocate because of. India increases educational investment silently continuously, be in especially a rural area. To the economic progress that can last character, the quality of manpower capital and amount, far the quality that compares objective sth used to one's own advantage and amount come importantly. (high speed of the ground like Chinese economy miracle develops, be in however environment and communal and wholesome respect, still social morality and respect of viewpoint of value paid heavy price. )
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