The wolf sex psychology of beautiful profession woman
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The wolf sex psychology of beautiful profession woman

Have experienced great things presses water, divide however Wu Shan is not the cloud. Have so a flock of women, walk independently in forest of duty field desire. Self-respect, astute, sober, not allow to encroach. In the company, they never weep, also do not have affected.

Reality already church they are independently with self-love this, do not rely on a man. They do not have perfect love certainly, but not repeatedly attempt suicide, what because love is not them,live is all. They shine in on-the-job like the man field turn move, aggressive, had sufferred from, had hated, but, they are final the family with happiness, the achievement of arrogant person, and harmonious human relationship, idle sits all living creatures is looked at to pick up in the cloud Hua Wei laugh, graceful in the duty field all corners of the country in rise from all directions of the smoke of wolves' dung burnt at border posts in ancient China to signal alarm.

They are an inapproachable wolves group, let me discover the quality of wolf sex psychology of professional female and ability, I believe to always a road goes all out in work to the woman, always an opportunity gives a woman the success, always regale of a psychology is drawn lessons from for the woman.

Duty field encircles: "Low-grade consciousness " arouse wolf sex?

Introspective ability of the female develops than the male, because be restricted traditionally, the female is in the life, especially in professional career, have very strong " bad feeling " , professional female often exaggerates oneself inferior position and weakness, apt such consideration: Him whats are no good, turn very easily into depression consequently.

From be fed up with oneself, in the process of dejected, submit to the will of Heaven, the eye shot of professional female begins to become narrower and narrower, oneself good qualities and advantage were lost sight of. For instance, "The job cannot be compared with the man, the woman is too foolish. " " the wife works even if look for a thing to do, cannot serious, return so that rely on a man to go all out. " " the girl is not on the job do sth over and over again, the home and child do well OK. "

Field of duty of play of wolf sex woman?

Probably you can think female ego " bad feeling " dismay making a person, actually, this kind " low-grade consciousness " the dynamical source that is wolf sex psychology. Psychology thinks the person has the psychological tendency that compensates bad feeling, have strive to make up for the nature of defect, want you to realize this is planted only " compensate bad feeling " psychological feature, you are OK oneself because " low-grade consciousness " and the pessimism that cause, helpless the struggling chance that turns into to perfect oneself further.

Everybody is very actually insignificant, no matter man, still be a woman, of everybody struggle to make up for oneself ceaselessly namely actually bad feeling, making up for the process that the hardship in the process grows.
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