Successful enlightenment: How the edge works the edge makes a career
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Successful enlightenment: How the edge works edge achievement career

Working risk is little, income is steady, but upstart likelihood is done not have basically, and do poineering work the most auspicious place is future likely redound will be very big, but the risk is big also, principal cans be found everywhere without the example that return.
Then, a kind of mediacy arose -- the edge works the edge does poineering work, combined both advantage effectively, into can attack, retreat can defend. A lot of white-collars, especially the white-collar of sale group is using means of this kind of brim, go coming true achieve rich.

At present this kind of means is in rapid popularity, great river north and south, each hero goes into action in succession, because be away on official business,took a lot of places last year, large quantities of one edges work the person that the edge does poineering work makes me very open-eyed! I feel I had fallen behind a bit!

The edge works to do poineering work by the side of, the difficulty that encounter does not do poineering work than independence little, contrary difficulty is more. The thing that because do poineering work,needs study above all is to manage. The edge works to do poineering work to do poineering work to be compared with independence by the side of, learned thing is little not at all, from raise money capital, make sale plan, to search employee... ,

Because the edge works to do poineering work by the side of this, the thing that needs preparation is not little also.

Adjusting state of mind is the first important matter

When we want to do poineering work, because we had a good idea,the mainest reason is. This drop can sell a money to come, crucial we should act. Only oneself had tried, had fumbled, ability can know this idea is no good all right after all. If be not done, know an outcome without the opportunity. And in this process, we can acquire a lot of things. This also is us accumulate, also be our fortune.

The edge works to do poineering work by the side of, do two things at the same time on one hand inevitable on time somewhat nervous, but this but the office management ability that as it happens exercises you, exercise the importance that works related processing; On the other hand, what we need to learn mainly is from operator angle considers an issue, this and the distinction that the task finishs to having essence when working, the person that a lot of independence do poineering work still learned this to break down without the opportunity, the edge works to do poineering work by the side of not only on time more sufficient, and the feeling on train of thought is deeper also.

After actually a lot of white-collars jump out to become a boss directly, warm blood and lofty aspirations and great ideals meet the have one's bosom filled with at that time very quickly be dropped by brutal actual burnish a lot of, together with loses the pressure of wage income, inchoate him program to the career already self-distrust is carried out again go down, if working a copy kept as a record props up the psychology to the individual to comfort action to be close friends a lot of.
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