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The leader with good lover good = ?

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The training method that you can get on with commercial government improves your love life, in the meantime, the method that retains love also can help you become a good leader. Love and leader force, want you to obtain result in a domain only, can help you be harvested somewhat in another domain.

In just ended oneself after the task of a group of research to professional husband and wife, debra Benton can say love of deep know well and the delicate connection that head force.

"Appointment resembles interview. The promise is like is a Job Offer. Marriage is concern of a full-time service, and Where is divorce? You were fried! " Debra Benton, best seller " how to think like CEO " the author says so, she once still had been written other 6 leaders force and the book that major promotes. Now, she should prepare to write again the new book that orders jointly about love and leader force, had signed a contract with publisher, so, very regretful this topic she cannot say too much to us.

"When having honeymoon, you lie from beginning to end of a kind of sweetness, swimmy excited condition, working ' honeymoon period ' , you also were full of curiosity to everything, long to try, be eager for doing sth. And soon, this kind of mood can be flooded by daily formality place, be like love to also be met as time gradually far, become a kind of courtesy, chronic, the feeling like the family member. " Benton says, "So, in whole process, how do you treat others, how do you compromise, how actively thinks, these treat love ' small intrigue ' the weekday that can help you attain perfect. "

So, it is moment use the commercial government skill that acquires in the business school in his matrimony, take the result summary in him courtship process in the job again next. Benton reached a such very interesting conclusion, a few skill of love and leader force need and idiosyncratic it is collective, completely OK and unified study, obtain along with all the others rise, her summary gave " love and leader force law " :

● does not want improperly belittle oneself. No matter you are what post, acting what part, do not think forever oneself the employer under you is other perhaps half.

● asks a question, such your ability know the thing that people needs truly, ability can know their right think of a way.

● humorous a bit. Can captious without the person the practice of your dynamic atmosphere.

● feeling. Pat others accurately hind back.

● hits out actively. Must not when when you are asked about to perhaps be checked, just act.

● slow a bit, close the mouth, listen attentively to. Occasionally you question closely agog more and corkscrew, people won't say you think known content more.

● maintains bearing. The station is straight, smile.

"It is to be in commerce no matter, still be in the life, people more be happy to those self-confidence individual draw close, and above this ' love and leader force ' the self-confident feature that law can strengthen people.
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