Dongguan city post office - website operation chief inspector
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Position is basic data Computer of industry of chief inspector of operation of position name website (IT) kind the age asks to not be restricted sexual distinction is not restricted undergraduate course of lowermost record of formal schooling expires scale of wage of pay of date 2009-1-28 is discussed - workplace Guangdong - Dongguan - Guan city
The job is described and ask Post requirement:
1.Manage record of formal schooling of kind of above of professional undergraduate course, construction of website of business affairs of famous electron of home of 5 years of above, technology, operation manages experience, 3 years of above are coequal position work experience;
2.The ability that content of the integral plan that has pair of websites, website plans, have have an insight into outstandingly ability and concoctive promotion consciousness, experience those who have acumen to catch ability and analysis to engineer ability to user demand, market and consumption;
3.Trends of industry of website of business affairs of familiar and large electron and operation develop a tendency, project of perfectness website operation manages, ** carries out website project to manage the successful experience of the operation;
4.Handle office software adroitly, have concentrated executive power, firm perseverance, take acceptance seriously, can overcome heavy tired inaccessible target;
5.Have outstanding leader to communicate, harmonious, attemper, direct, organization, develop, executive ability;
6.Thinking is active, character integrity, straight-out, open-minded, self-confident, have plan as a whole outstandingly, analysis, integrated, Baconian ability and mature individual glamour;

Post duty:
1.Operation of whole of ” of responsible “ Le Youbao popularizes the job, develop a target according to company strategy, the integral program that establishs a website to run platform as a whole, design and ** is carried out;
2.The analysis holds the requirement of user, client, adjust a website according to demand each edition piece construction, raise user satisfaction to spend, supervise and urge, supervisory website content is updated and perfect, implementation website discharge and rank rise;
3.Make index of standard of company website operation, operation, year development plans and be supervised carry out, cogent and effective drive and ensure of operation index finish;
4.The business operation strategy of executive company website, flow and plan, the aggrandizement website support to company business, serve to promote ” of “ Le Youbao the brand, executive company website pays close attention to the market major operation plan, closely to develop trends and adjust operation strategy in time;
5.The operation group that establishs standard, high performance, solidarity and administrative system, optimize stage by stage perfect;
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