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Position is basic data Position name singer, model gets dance industry be on the air / movie and TV / photograph kind of age requirement do not be restricted sexual distinction is not restricted lowermost record of formal schooling is not restricted to expire scale of wage of pay of date 2009-1-28 is discussed - workplace Guangdong - Shenzhen - south hill
The job is described and ask Hall room D J: Name of? of small ⑴  , requirement youth is beautiful beautiful, disposition is optimistic, lively and easy, communication capability is strong.
Consult guest / welcome guest: Name of? of small ⑴  . Beautiful of demand figure temperament, mandarin is fluent, have inexperienced all but.
Wine water popularizes / sale minister: ? daughter, have stronger communication capacity, beautiful of figure good eloquence, can accept challenge sex job, have inexperienced all but.
Singer: Male / female, have relevant sing experience beautiful, singing is sweet, wage scale is discussed.
Model gets dance: 18 years old of above, requirement: Vogue, beautiful, easy, basically be in deduce the hall to go show and interact with the guest, spare model is excellent person organic meeting becomes a full member, the person that public place of entertainment serves experience, can hold two or more posts concurrently. Offer eat!
Of purpose person ask a phone to contact manager of phone 13265793280 Cao