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Position is basic data Industry of the member that position name storehouse is in charge of is state-owned company age asks to not be restricted sexual distinction is not restricted high school of lowermost record of formal schooling expires scale of wage of pay of date 2008-12-10 is discussed - workplace Guangdong - Shenzhen - blessing cropland
The job is described and ask Male / female, 30 years old the following, record of formal schooling of high school above, bottom of main and responsible group produces scheduling, manufacturing schedule palm accuses and stock is tracked! Assist other staff to do fine stock put in storage to arrange, account, check! Pay: 1600-2500 yuan / month.

Be like intended person ask direct incoming telegram to consult manager of Zhao of ministry of company human affairs, phone 13286655597
Or reach your resume hair
Address: The Eight Diagrams of area of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing 3 deep medicine edifices