Limited company of the electron that celebrate a cause - lay in a cadre
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Position is basic data Age of of cooperative of industry of cadre of position name reserve asks to not be restricted sexual distinction is not restricted high school of lowermost record of formal schooling expires bag of 1500- of pay of pay of date 2008-12-21 feeds workplace Guangdong - Dongguan - small house pace
The job is described and ask ◆ job content and specific requirement:
4, the age is 35 years old the following, high school above, have constituent government ability
Note of interview of ◆ salary requirement:
1.1500 yuan / month (RMB)
2.Carry id card please, the relevant certificate such as card of record of formal schooling
3.Intended person interview of accessibly copy company
Advisory QQ:1056003668 advisory phones: 0769-26117515