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Dongguan city heart establishs education to groom center - computer manager

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Position is basic data Industry of manager of position name computer age of civilian battalion company asks to not be restricted sexual distinction is not restricted three-year institution of higher learning of lowermost record of formal schooling expires scale of wage of pay of date 2009-1-28 is discussed - the bag eats workplace Guangdong - Dongguan - tiger door
The job is described and ask ◆ job content and specific requirement:
Software of office of 1. meeting Office, advertisement of Photoshop image processing, CorlDraw is designed, autoCAD, the software such as 3Dmax, can service computer
The person that 2. has certain teaching experience
3. integrated quality is good, the person that have the urge for improvement
Note of interview of ◆ salary requirement:
1.The face discusses 1200 yuan / month (RMB)
2.Carry id card please, the relevant certificate such as card of record of formal schooling
3.Take car course: Square of tiger door peace and tranquility stands

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