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Come or flow together of Shanghai KTV recreation - clerk

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Position is basic data Sexual distinction of 18-30 of requirement of age of joint stock company of industry of position name clerk is not restricted three-year institution of higher learning of lowermost record of formal schooling expires scale of wage of pay of date 2009-1-28 is discussed - encase workplace municipality directly under the Central Government - Shanghai - Min Hang area
The job is described and ask This recreation meets a member that because business is busy,recruit the following person especially:
Male waitress: Day firewood 500-800 yuan above
Average service gives birth to the men and women: Day firewood 300-500 yuan above
Singer, model: Day firewood 500-900 yuan above
Business affairs companion swims: Day firewood 300 yuan of above
Protect inside: Monthly pay 3500 yuan of above
Civil member: ≡ Luan?500 yuan above

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