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Dongguan city heart establishs education to groom center - recruit students assi

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Position is basic data Industry of assistant of position name recruit students, educational administration assistant age of civilian battalion company asks to not be restricted sexual distinction is not restricted three-year institution of higher learning of lowermost record of formal schooling expires scale of wage of pay of date 2009-1-28 is discussed - the bag eats workplace Guangdong - Dongguan - tiger door
The job is described and ask ◆ job content and specific requirement:
1. a year or above work experience, language of outstanding another name for Guangdong Province, mandarin conveys ability;
The information of the communication craftsmanship with fine 2. , acumen takes power;
3. is good at holding teachers and students' mentality, have consciousness of certain development, innovation;
4. is hard-working, have challenge mind;
5. has responsibility heart of height and group efforts mind;
The person that 6. has experience of person of the same trade is preferential.
7. school offers highly competitive firewood fulfil and welfare, the working environment of cheerful cooperation.
Note of interview of ◆ salary requirement:
1.The face is discussed yuan / month (RMB)
2.Carry id card please, the relevant certificate such as card of record of formal schooling
3.Take car course

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