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In March 2006, " labor contract law " draft seeks an opinion to the society. Allegedly this was 1949 since, legislative branch seeks the 5th legislation of the opinion publicly to the society, the opinion that is as high as 190 thousand is received inside a month.

In June 2007, standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress was passed formally " labor contract law " , the outside comments on new law to did not see to the before emphasizing particularly on place of labor rights and interests.

March 2008, " labor contract law " apply formally mere 3 many months, zhang Yin of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, female entrepreneur is in the whole nation took the lead in give out the cry that revises new law, abolish not to have fixed deadline contract on two meetings. And according to " Chinese entrepreneur " the questionnaire investigation of the magazine, have amount to 7 become suffer visit an enterprise to hope the country concerns a branch to undertake modification to pertinent clause, adjust.

Publish long already law formally, when put into effect, what seeing is to revise adjustment heat to discuss however. The scholar thinks even, new labor law scalp China economy, become the obstacle of Chinese economy. And accompany controversy to undertake, interest of deeper labour and capital is churned, moods of more the rich and the poor magnify, wider public topic for discussion by drag in. The complex degree of Chinese reality, make balance of interest of labour and capital and economy harmonious development, sure should one stimulates argue to just can clarify, and " labor contract law " the impetus is like tide that cause, it is this stimulates the acerb hour in argue namely.

Often manage with respect to law and character, once law is passed, cannot argy-bargy, place remnant only comply with is carried out. But the reality that thorough law runs, of scenography law and person interactive, however still can from the law what see a person strictly is active, scholar of no less than has talk, those who practice contrary law amending is brutal callosity. On this meaning, around law unripe extensive role observation and society are analysed, just do not object as simple as what hold with classify.

This period country is begin lecturing around " labor contract law " confusion conflict, from relationship of research of labor economics, labor, working all domains set out, inscribe together in all word, contribution knows newly.

This period honored guest

Xia Yeliang: Economics of professor of college of Beijing University economy, foreign country says research center vice director. Main research domain is new system economics, economy history and economy economics of thought history, public option and public policy, labor.

Feng Tongqing: Institute of Chinese working relationship is taught, basically pursue relationship of labour union theory, working and labor problem research.
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