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The worker is away on official business get hurt belong to inductrial injury
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Assemble and unassemble labour Li Mou is broken in road bussiness trip, be worked to be maintained with social security bureau by rainbow mouth area after for inductrial injury. But the company thinks Li Mou gets hurt however is be caused by of other enroach on, do not form inductrial injury, appeal to then to the court, ask inductrial injury of cancel labor bureau is maintained. Yesterday, rainbow mouth court enters a judgement, the inductrial injury that maintains labor bureau to make is maintained.

One Li Mou is limited company of building materials of celestial bodies of Shanghai be an official assembles and unassemble labour. Last year in September, he pulls glass along with the Che Qukun hill of the company, by way of enters a building site by accident when bridge of elder brother pediment. Suddenly " phut " , sit in deputy driver's seat the Li Mou that go up thinks the thing is bungled on board, jut the head look carefully at outside the window. Did not think of a brick flew, as it happens breaks the specified number on left eye ministry of Li Mou. Classics hospital is diagnosed, fracture of Li Mou left frontal bone, left optic nerve is injured. Be in after of the judicial department chair below, li Mou and work place area are reached reconcile, win compensation more than yuan 90 thousand.

This year Feburary, li Mou puts forward inductrial injury to maintain application to area labor bureau, april, this bureau makes inductrial injury maintain. But building materials company thinks, li Mou gets hurt because work,be not reason, his working content is to assemble and unassemble glass, and when he gets hurt, not was in assemble and unassemble glass, because this does not belong to inductrial injury. In addition, li Mou's harm is be caused by of other enroach on, and already won compensation, do not answer to win inductrial injury compensation again. And labor bureau thinks, li Mou carries glass with the car is those who complete whole work pass Cheng surely, belong to working category. Basis " byelaw of inductrial injury insurance " , during because be versed in,going out, be harmed because of working reason belong to inductrial injury limits.

After the court is tried, think, building materials company is too narrow to the understanding of inductrial injury, according to relevant provision, li Mou's harm belongs to inductrial injury. In the meantime, with case alien civil the cognizance of the inductrial injury in reconciling not to affect this record. Accordingly, the court made the court decision that keeps labor bureau inductrial injury to hold specific administration action.

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