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Unscramble the labor contract that uses industry main body and form newly to wil
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The action outside work out of institution of office of attorney of foundation of run by the local people, partnership, mechanism uses personnel of laborer, institution to recruit... appear what use industry main body and form newly to answer these ceaselessly, labor contract law enlarged the suitable scope of labor contract, make its have a law to be able to be depended on.

The reporter ensures an understanding to arrive from labor, as the change of social development and external state of affairs, need undertakes corresponding reform to labor contract system. The new unit type such as unit of company of blame of run by the local people, foundation, collaboration or partnership attorney office appears, compulsory to the right between this kind of unit and its laborer relation how provision of normative lack law.

Current, organization of office of a few states, institution, society uses worker in the action outside the work out when, did not conclude with laborer contract; The country is recruiting a system in personnel of institution try out, this also is the system of choose and employ persons of a kind of two-way choice, of the contract conclude, fulfill, change, remove, stop wait for behavior to also need to depend on standard standard.

"From the angle consideration that builds unified labour market, need will bring into system of same choose and employ persons except the other unit laborer beyond officeholder. " labor safeguard ministry expresses about chief.

In view of these new cases, labor contract law increased run by the local people to be not the organization such as company unit and its laborer in the suitable scope of labor contract; Made clear institution and execute recruit also should conclude between the staff member that make labor contract, but the recruiting system that implements considering the institution and system of general labor contract concern in labor bilateral right and presence of respect of system of compulsory, management are constant difference, because this allows its preferential and applicable special provision.

Labor contract law still makes clear a regulation, organization of national office, institution, society and the laborer that establish working relationship with its, conclude, fulfill, change, remove or terminate labor contract, contract law of according to labor is carried out. Mix except officeholder namely consult the staff that officeholder law supervises, and execute in the institution outside recruiting the staff member that make, organization of national office, institution, society and other laborer all ought to build labor to concern, implement labor contract law.