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Worker sick pay must not be buckled
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In see a doctor difficult, see a doctor expensive during waiting for topic wide be heated to discuss, a few laborer still conveyed another to be anxious, namely sick leave problem. Labor safeguard branch is given out for this remind, unit of choose and employ persons sees a doctor in employee during embezzle part of what should be issued its sick leave, attribute illegal action.

Shanghai labor ensures the circumstance of sectional control to make clear, be in partial enterprise, "Employee one sick rest, salary stops hair " the practice happens from time to tome, individual private enterprise sets even " sick rest a day, buckle firewood two days " , perhaps dismiss sicken worker. The expert reminds, laborer is in the pay pay during seeing a doctor cannot embezzle part of what should be issued, ought to according to country concerns a provision, combine this medical treatment period, person standing to wait will decide.

Basis " company worker sicken or blame are injured at work medical treatment period sets " the 3rd, company worker is injured at work because of sicken or blame, when need stops working medical treatment, him basis has a job actually fixed number of year and in this unit work fixed number of year, give 3 months the medical treatment to 24 months period. The expert points out, this medical treatment period, the basis that serves as certain treatment, in the meantime, the enterprise cannot be inside medical treatment period repulsive employee.

About specific amount, according to our country " labour insurance byelaw " regulation, medical treatment period is in 6 months less than person, press its the accident of this company length of service, amount of pay of ill injury vacation is this person pay 60 % come 100 % ; Continuously medical treatment period is in 6 months above person, amount is this person pay 40 % come 60 % .

Those who need an attention is, the specific computation way of each district may be not same, but no matter why be planted plan law, basis " carry out about carrying out < labor law of People's Republic of China > the opinion of a certain number of problems " regulation, every months of sick leave cannot the 80 % under standard of local minimum wage.