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The country restrains obtain employment to discriminate against the relevant law
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A person that is interested in vocational guidance says: Does the country have the obtain employment that will restrain a company without relevant policy to discriminate against a problem?

Liu Ruijing says: Have. Our country of approval of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress joins international Labour Organization " obtain employment and profession discriminated against convention 1958 " , this convention is right " obtain employment is discriminated against " did limit, say simply, "Be based on one's previous experience of blood of opinion of phyletic, color of skin, sexual distinction, religion, politics, people or society to wait for a reason, have what cancel or damage obtain employment or professional principle of equal opportunity for all or pay equality action any distinction, repulsion or privilege regard discrimination as. " safeguard obtain employment fairness relevant law laws and regulations: " constitution of People's Republic of China " the right that citizen of the 42nd People's Republic of China has work and obligation. The country adopts all sorts of approaches, create condition of labor obtain employment, strengthen labor protection, improve labor condition, on the base that produces in development, raise work reward and welfare wage. Labor is the glorious duty of all citizens that have labor capacity. State-owned company and the worker that urban and rural collective economy organizes ought to handle his work with the manner of national master. The country promotes socialistic labor competition, reward model worker and advanced worker. The country advocates a citizen to be engaged in compulsory labor. The country undertakes to the citizen before obtain employment necessary labor obtain employment trains.

" labor law of People's Republic of China " the 3rd laborer enjoys equality the obtain employment and choice occupational right, right that acquires work reward, rest off right, achieve labor security the right of wholesome protection, right that accepts professional skill to groom, right that enjoys social insurance and welfare, submit to to work controversy. " woman rights and interests guarantees a standard " the 2nd woman is in of politics, of economy, of culture, each respect such as the life of the society with the family enjoys the right that is the same as man equality. Executing equality of men and women is basic national policy of the country. The country takes necessary step, perfect each system that guarantees woman rights and interests stage by stage, remove pair of women the discrimination of all forms. The 22nd country ensures a woman to enjoy as equal as the man labor right and social security right. The 23rd each unit is when employ worker, divide the type of work that does not suit a woman or outside post, perhaps must not raise the employ level to the woman with employ woman refusing for sexual distinction. Each unit is when employ female worker, ought to sign labor with its lawfully (recruit) the contract perhaps serves an agreement, labor (recruit) the content that the contract perhaps must not provide to worker marriage bears limitative daughter in service agreement.
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