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Resume of to apply for a job
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Basic material Full name Wzxian of number of resume of Wu Zengxian Sexual male marriage besides maiden a treatment of major of unripe date 1984-10-20 / make, fast healthy level good record of formal schooling Date 452123198410201131 shows id card of Guangxi of native place ground dwelling place Guangdong updates date 2008-1-20 20:08:33 connects a telephone call [conceal] mobile phone [conceal] email [conceals] connection address [conceal] accessory: Without accessory other way [clew] examine connection means to be landed first please, and should have corresponding attributive.LIN
Intent of to apply for a job Position is produced / battalion carries / engineering industry is machined / make, expectation salary of Guangdong of fast workplace 2000 yuan
Ego brief introduction The motivation that holds to a " to do an useful to the society person " to regard study as the job and struggling target; Foster oneself into academic knowledge and operation skill to coordinate the study of development talent hard; The self-improvement on the life is free-standing, for courage and insight of harden oneself volition, growth; 10 years of cold windows, fact of graph spring Hua Qiu, learn to be used somewhat! I what experience labyrinthian twist, state of mind is active cheerful, not Wei is hard, humanness sincerity, candid, willing bear hardships be put into trouble, have stronger suiting ability and self-study ability, suffer the interference of outside ambient not easily; Be willing to pass oneself to full of enthusiasm and active and active effort realize individual value and be made to the society in the job due contribution. My interest is wide, like to read, writing, listen to broadcast, athletic sports; Have deep love for study and job.
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