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Learn experience Institute of technology of profession of traffic of Hunan of ◎ of ◎ 2005-6-12 ~ 2006-12-2
Professional: Blame? Record of formal schooling: Without
Institute of technology of profession of project of Hunan of ◎ of ◎ 2006-2-22 ~ 2008-1-15
Professional: Handkerchief of  phenolic Na? Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Working experience ◎ in June 2007 ~ 2007 year in July institute of technology of profession of ◎ Hunan project
Position: Analyse of bail of warm up of cable room generation enlighten? Property: Social organization
◎ on April 10, 2006 ~ 2006 year ◎ Changsha Gan Sha measured base on April 29
Position: Thirsty putting in order enlighten? Property: Social organization

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