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Resume of to apply for a job
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Study ability is strong, be good at communicating, intellectual range is wide the best show that is oneself is idiosyncratic. During be being read, read more than 300 book in all, involve the aspect such as management, finance, psychology, philosophy, military affairs, history, law, make develop field of vision, thinking of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, perfect oneself is cultural; Good communication ability is the base that builds campus to serve a group, also be the key that establishs cooperative relationship with sea letter, long rainbow; Learning ability is individual and even the key that the enterprise promotes competition ability.

Hold a post circumstance: Committee member of entertainment of undersecretary of ministry of the couplet outside holding the position of campus to serve association of round chairman, dancing, class.

Hobby: Comment of military affairs, history, literature, incident, psycho and guidance, writing, freedom strikes.

Disposition: Heart of integrity of sedate and gentle and optimistic, attentive, humor humour, justice, rich responsibility, affinity.

Main accomplishment: Outstanding psychology bears force, comfortable stress; Scientific analytic thinking; Spot palm accuses force, organization to coordinate ability, communication government ability, person vascular manage ability, study ability; Serve consciousness, the desire to do better.

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