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Forest the resume of to apply for a job of XX

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Basic material Mily1011 of number of resume of XX of full name forest 性 别 女 婚 况 未婚 出生日期 1985-10-11 专 业 计算机(IT类别) 健康水平 健康 学 历 本科 籍贯地 广西-梧州-苍梧 身份证号 45042119850403652X 现住地 广西-河池-宜州 更新日期 2008-1-30 22:32:23 connects a telephone call [conceal] mobile phone [conceal] email [conceals] connection address [conceal] accessory: Without accessory other way [clew] examine connection means to be landed first please, and should have corresponding attributive.LIN
Intent of to apply for a job Position is sold - assistant etc, industry computer (Guangxi of of workplace of IT - Wu city - salary of expectation of Cang Wu 1500 or

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