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Many undergraduates can encounter a few difficult problem, strange problem always when attending enterprise interview, because beforehand is without psychology to prepare, and bring about in interview arrange hand does not have plan. Yang Cui of expert of to apply for a job expresses first, applicant answers what the basis applies for position, industry is different, use in interview answer strategy differently.
Lure enemy thorough model

If to apply for a job person those who apply for is the job that development extends a kind, can use when interview so " lure enemy thorough " method. Applicant should be behaved some more actively in interview answer, when answering a question every time, should bury conciously below " foreshadowing " , thereby the next issue of derivative HR. For example, when graduate of a college is applying for some company to develop personnel, be asked about the achievement during school how. If big temporarily achievement is not quite ideal, so to apply for a job person do not answer this to make conceal, should take the lead in instead " from cruel its are short " , the actual condition that tells interview him official, guide him actively to ask the reason in the center. At this moment, to apply for a job person because just went up,ably answer is activity of the mass organizations when the university delayed study too much. After adjusting, achievement rises gradually, still won scholarship. Do the honesty of the person that can show to apply for a job so.

The manner is peaceful fact

The accounting is financial kind of working requirement applicant is smooth reality is sober, in interview when this kind of position, to apply for a job person should behave nature is sincerely, show painstakingly " innovation " can do instead turn over clumsy opportunely. To apply for a job person the key in the style of conversation in interview is to should be behaved authoritatively reliable, such ability get easily the favour of HR.

Enter continuously theme

Apply for when selling kind of position, interview official can use the person that the directest method checks to apply for a job, spot requirement to apply for a job person market company product. At this moment, to apply for a job person must act as the part of bagman, persuade interview official to buy the product that its market hard. In promoting a process, to apply for a job person should throw a part above all, regard interview official true client. Still must notice logistic clarity when introducing a product, the language is concise, enter a text continuously.

Emphasize skill

To apply for a job person when applying for the relevant position such as assistant, secretary, is regular meeting of interview official classics asked about " how to encounter too much job you can do? " " communicate with boss, colleague when encountering a problem how to handle? " wait for a problem. To apply for a job person the answer should reflect the skill that gives pair of time government, ability that communicates with others, can prove through a few example.
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