If why understand you to want the company of interview before interview
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How To Research A Company?

Before interview, carrying all sorts of ways and the company that means knows you to want interview and work is a Homework that must do. Answering How To Research A Company before this problem, what want understanding above all is why we must study a company.

With my individual experience, study the company is like below a few purposes:

1. studies the company can help you find out you to want asking question.

In interview finally, normally interview person can stay a few minutes to let you ask a question. Everybody does not look down upon this to ask a problem link. Do not feel interview was over quickly, can treat sth lightly. What the question asks is good, can Show Your Interest, and Set Yourself Apart From Other Candidates. But, the question asks badly, or it is to ask a fault object, arrive since the meeting counteractive, do bad to let your all one's previous efforts wasted. I can discuss technically how to ask a problem this one at the back.

2. Study the company can help you understand the culture of the company. Occasionally, you can have bit of Clue, this company likes what kind of person after all, need what kind of person.

This sounds a bit may abstract, but if you have an opportunity many times interview, study a company many times, you give a kind of sense to the company with respect to meeting education slowly. A lot of companies the culture with them is proud. For instance some emphasizes Innovation, some emphasizes Technology, have a plenty of Growth, have a plenty of Efficiency (or say for Operational Excellence) , the Business Model of some companies serves the market through Dealership or Distributors, they emphasize Relationship-building particularly. And the case that these things prepare you in you when, have certain direct effect. One to one correspondence in front say, you perhaps need to prepare an example to behave your Creativeness, you offerred what Solution with Technology, what did you do to make company business grows, cost drops, efficiency rises, you how of Build Relationship Or Satisfy Customer.

Cite a case. I am the closest the company of interview is through Dealership such form makes the market, take Relationship-building And Customer Service seriously very much. Although of my interview is an Accounting Position, with such as Sales, marketing And Customer Service does not have direct connection at all. But I remember interview in 3 my Accountants, at least two people asked me two different questions about Customer Service. Here, I discuss these two issues in detail same, have farther knowledge about Behavioral Questions to everybody.

The first inscribes me to write down formerly not clear, means are you what to means pass to understand a client to be spent to your satisfaction? This problem was stupefied what I ask at that time. All along nobody has asked this question, I also had not prepared. I wanted to tell her:

For China Business, we Don ' T Have A Formal Customer Survey To? ? ? ? Uate Their Satisfaction, but We Know For Sure They Are Very Satisfied, because We Serve The Best Quality Product In The Market. In Seed Business, one Of The Most Important Quality Standards Is Germination Rate. While The Germination Rate Of Local Products Is At Average 75% - 80% , we Offer A Substantially Higher Standard, which Is 95% . We Don ' T Have To Do That, and It Costs More To Maintain Higher Quality Standard. However, we Knew That We Would Get Paid-off Over The Long Run Because Our Customers Would Be Extremely Satisfied By Our Products. And I Think The Fact That Our Sales Doubled In Three Consecutive Years Is The Best Proof Of Customer Satisfaction. (Note: I at that time is the statement that considers now, of course the unwritten on the language is so rigorous, but the meaning of the story and Structure are same. )
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