A very classical handler interview is inscribed
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Snow of a wind accompanies each other in the evening, company of an express delivery should send a very important wrap up to give a client, send the ability when the employee of wrap up gets on for client home discovery, this client stays in the heavy snow on the summit to had been sealed dead on of hill surely the road of classics, and the agreement laps the deadline of service is about immediately! Then this employee makes a prompt decision, below the circumstance that does not have company of ask for instructions oneself decide employed a helicopter, and oneself paid holding cost with credit card, sent package. The client is touched extremely, reported this issue to local media immediately, this company reputation is then big brace up.


1, evaluate the behavior of this employee

2, the culture of this company management that the reflection in analysing this case gives and system.

3, if you are a manager, if why handle this matter?

I feel to should praise this staff, we cannot judge pair of his faults with its result. It is good that he can do the culture that shows this company so, company staff quality is high. This also is the reason that he does not need ask for instructions to lead. I am a leader, without giving thought to result how, I can submit an expense account to him all charge, give award, because he is in,the company still can be helped redeem credit when the influence of the outside, redeemed huge loss to the company namely.

I talk about my idea

Above all this employee is worth affirmation, the target of his executive task has been achieved. But I can establish a standard in the company, for instance can what is act on one's own standard, wait a respect a moment to have lash-up government from expenses of urgent pitch, expenses.

The distinction of average company and successful company depends on, average company considers to be less than intangible assets, and what successful company builds is " business praise " , this is impayable.

What is express industry is the most essential: ? of locust Fang aunt notices, the " in the title this is a very important wrap up " . Since so harsh weather, so important wrap up, client agrees to will lap resign to you, he expressed very high great expectations, so, since the company was accepted, should finish entrust.