Answer 6 common interview questions
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You forecast the problem in each interview impossibly, but can pass in the light of those common problems, prepare a few sedate and concise results, will make a few preparation that shift to an earlier date with this. Most invite applications for a job person the question that can ask a few likeness (as follows) , carry these problems, will understand applicant's ability and qualification, see its whether suit this position and company.

1, talk about yourself: This is the begin problem with a common interview. If you do not have preparation, this also is one of questions that answer the hardest. Be sure to keep in mind, invite applications for a job person the hobby that does not consider the native place that knows you and scrapbook.

Each person that this problem is you actually a minute of advertisement, wraparound give you these year in this place interview works the experience in the domain, ability and disposition. Hold a key, do professional individual to promote. Use a few concise sentences, prove yourself place is had (spirit of the experience, result that already confirmed, Feng Xian) it is OK competency works this.

2, why we can admit you: Answer any is mixed about you the key of the competitor's problem is, highlight a characteristic.

"Each person is generality narrate, so, you need a few things that can make you outstanding. " Linda says, the teacher of heart of Er of Lin Fei of E Sipu of a the last of the twelve Earthly Branches is in Russia. Take out a few concrete example to confirm you suit this job most. Linda says, she will point out work in oneself (should want to close with the position that apply for) medium a few " Feng Gongwei course of study " , for example the experience of the circumstance in the student that she deals with different type and education.

Should have in the light of those your place and valuable to this company idiosyncratic.

3, why do you want to come here the job? How much do you understand about our company? : Peter, one is in indiana medical doctor of Bolisi, the survey in thinking to answering this kind of question is very important.

"My general shows me to have to this company through this opportunity how understanding, more important is showing me is how fit this position "

Susan, in Chicago some company is in charge of the vice-president of welfare department one, say she will pose the problem in this company and challenge, what prove her knowledge with this is broad and profound.

"I can be talked about normally a few about taxation, employee amount, they the challenge in type of this kind of commerce and my experience is how to it relevant, " she says: "If why handle these issues,be in the company that my general points out to I am having similar problem. "

4, what is your insufficient place? : The recipe that answers this question is the dominant position that changes your inadequacy into you.

"I can lose mine situation translate into my strong, " Tara says, a lawyer. "Cite a case, if my insufficient place is to do not have patience, so because,my general says is such, the aplomb that I had learned to adopt a few special arrange inflict to ensure I play and careful "
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