Interview skill: Learn eyes communication
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Interview skill: Learn eyes communication

Respecting interview, believing those who know to every student thinks most is how project oneself, ability leaves deep impression to interview official. The answer actually very simple, that is performance is actual oneself.

A few days ago, ACCA(is concessionary and accepted accountant consortium) held in succession in the college such as Fudan University " obtain employment muscularity is compared go all out " campus interview activity. Many 1200 person that sign up is mixed through layer upon layer exam choose, among them 60 integrated achievement are outstanding big 3 with grind 2 students obtain the manpower resource that be reached with riverside of food of general and electric, 100 things, Coke Cola, flying benefit, Du Bang and writes down Huang Bu to wait for 500 strong companies of world finally department manager face-to-face, undertake one is as long as the interview of two many hours. Although this is an imitate interview only, but there always is individual expression to take part in the match outstandingly in all previous match player, in half-baked " obtain employment muscularity is compared go all out " before whole match, had to arrive assist the favour that does a business, be admitted smoothly to be the trainee of this enterprise.

Eyes communication increases tacit

In the imitate interview that holds this in Fudan University, 13 players take, face official of 4 elder interview. Nearly 100 students below the stage are present view and emulate, be not commonly used a person's mind to making note in whole process for the most part among them, also hope to take the opportunity the skill that learns to concern interview.

As interview the project of general and electric FMP of one is in charge of Ms. Wang Xiaoyan to point out: When some players are answering a question, always look around all around, deliver the view to pavilion and oversight the openly communication with interview official. Want to remind fellow students so, when formal interview, the communication that must notice the eyes (Eye Contact) , this is mutual valued expresses not only, it is a kind of expression that the calm does not have dread more. Interview official reminds an undergraduate sincerely: Interview the first pace, the view that allows sincerity becomes your Dai Yan.

Answer problem is succinct clear

There are a such problems in interview, "You wrote a lot of exercitations to experience on resume, what kind of contribution to make to whole group in asking you to say you jackaroo in some? "

Human affairs manager Ms. Fu Yan of 100 things food is in after contest when summary say: "When answering this question, suo of player utterance 啰 , some give an irrelevant answer, fail to convey oneself idea directly. In interview process, the skill of conversational communication is very fundamental. Interview person should notice to convey detailed slightly proper, talking consecution is clear. Only such, interview Guancai is OK the very sharp focal point that takes your conversation content. "
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