500 strong interview exercise problemses of world and criticize an aspect
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Problem 1  

Why do you feel you can gain success on this position?

Analysing this is the problem of a quite wide extensive, the person that it gives to apply for a job offerred an opportunity, the enthusiasm that the person that can let to apply for a job makes clear him and challenge desire. Will be the person that interview person is judging to apply for a job to whether be opposite to the answer of this problem this position has enough power and self-confident heart respect to provide crucial information.

The mistake answers me not to know. I am good at doing a lot of businesses. If I can get and the decision accepts this job, I believe firmly I can do it quite well, because I go all the time very successful.

The comment although apparently sound this kind of answer can be accepted, but it has in a few respects defective. Above all, this kind of language is very faint. Picture " be good at doing a lot of businesses " and " quite good " the word of and so on, cannot mirror your enterprise, and if cannot show enough enterprise, you enter best business very hard. Additional, all businesses that had done the past are contacted with this position, the person that this means to apply for a job does not have enough achievement desire and real passion to this one specific position.

Right answer looks from my classics all through the ages, this is a job that I suit most in my professional career. Come a few years, I am researching this field all the time and pay close attention to you, hope to be able to have such interview opportunity all the time. I have necessary technical ability (tell about a story simply to try to explain) , I fit this one position very much, also can have done this work really.

Commenting on this is a very convincing answer, because it can tell interview the person, this to apply for a job person have enough skill and knowledge to complete this work. The story that he tells expresses the technical ability of the person that understand to apply for a job, also test and verify his first state. Finally, to apply for a job person expressed " had done this work " desire, this proved he has the enthusiasm that works to this and enterprise.

Problem 2    

What are your biggest advantage and weakness respectively? What kind of effect can the outstanding achievement that these good qualities and weakness are in an enterprise to you have?

Analyse the biggest trap of this problem to depend on, the first problem is two problems actually, and add a follow-up problem even. The trap of these two problems does not depend on you whether him look upon of can serious ground good qualities, also do not depend on you whether can understanding your weak point correctly. Remember, your answer is the advantage that shows you to interview person and inferior position not only, the viewpoint of value that also can behaving you on the whole and the view that are worth to oneself price.

The mistake replies from good qualities for, I do not search to give the side with outstanding what really, I think my skill is very extensive. As to the weakness, I think, if time of a certain project procrastinates too for a long time, I may feel wearily.
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