Experience talks: Instinctive quality of to apply for a job is packed best
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Experience talks: Instinctive quality of to apply for a job is packed had better

Be worth busy season of to apply for a job, see some undergraduates busy move keeps to apply for a job " book of 10 thousand character " , send photo to illuminate, do VCD CD, interview to wear name tag, go even hairdressing plastics, I remember my to apply for a job is experienced.

That is 6 years ago, I am in Guangdong an enterprise makes suitable mind the sale works. A day, I see the information of talented person of sale of invite applications for a job of group of Guangdong China treasure on newspaper. Hua Bao is in Guangdong at that time total even national capital is very famous, it is a when I admire in the heart already big company. For not let slip a golden opportunity, I manage to find time to Zhengzhou hind drive write letter of to apply for a job. But, certificate of record of formal schooling and other the data that can prove him ability, qualifications and record of service was not taken beside, I am forced use local materials, be away on official business Id, calling card and this all duplicate such as the recommendation of the belt, fax of letter of two pages to apply for a job gives along with Hua Bao. Tell the truth, this is packed with my usual to apply for a job than, material " shrink " a lot of, myself is dissatisfactory but do not have method again.

Because fear proof data little impact is applied for, be opposite to deepen the other side at the same time my impression, the following day I made a telephone call to Hua Bao again. Besides endeavoring to explain oneself accord with a condition. I emphasize to them: When interview, what I can offer material to prove resume content is true. Perhaps be this phone had effect, after a week, china treasure informs me of interview.

Because did not do in Zhengzhou thing, the interview time that Hua Bao agrees with me cannot be caught up with really, communicate through the phone, hua Bao expresses to understand to me and agree with delay two days. Went up that day till interview midday, I just set out from Zhengzhou by plane hastily, after arriving at Guangzhou, turn to go straight towards suitable heart continuously by the car immediately again. Arrive at Hua Baoshi when me, the hair is random, the shirt that has changed newly was knitted, a suit sweat. Originally I want to answer the domiciliary wash and dress of suitable heart first, take concerned proof stuff, can tighten as a result of time, I cannot the 2nd again by accident when, be obliged to taking baggage to go directly interview.

Be taken finally when me when seeing sale manager, I feel oneself figure not beautiful, say at once: "I am sorry! Just was away on official business come back, came directly to drive time, also do not have there's still time to change clothes... " who knows a manager to say however: "Run the sale runs around here and there so. I often also get off hurry to see a client. " my afraid clear off.

Later, I think, my travel-stained perhaps appearance is according with what the train, crowded car pushs in selling manager memory to promote person image. Perhaps, he feels our sale member run outside original should this appearance. In fact, we at ordinary times deliver goods, sales promotion, gathering, run market of terminal, country leaving a county, impossible often suit tie, constantly bright.
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