Skill of interview of to apply for a job
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To apply for a job interview skill

The preparation before interview
1.Review clip: Ji Suo bakes Tao of ぷ of wooden tablets or slips for writing of loose close asks Ying  food container happily  of Xi going straight towards creek to exhausted Tuo? asked to position property, demand has overlooked when interview, so that,so we should save clip thumb through, can avoid awkward appearance, give employer good impression.
2.Understand company setting: Shelfing  moisture in the soil employs uglying allow of  г to shirk to have  sentences? of mu of source egret  all right won't foresight, not specific.
3.Dress, appearance:  harmony pigs ┳ of Υ of brandish of  of officer of hand of  of human relations to bang of  of remnant of ぷ calamity having enough discharges W?
Pants sees industry; Make up basically, orderly hairstyle is the basiccest formal be must.
4. imitate problem: ⒓ of Luo of  of ⒕ of ぁ of ǔ of witch of have diarrhoea of arsine peptide Wen sends Yue of Sao  error to ugly the miscellaneous? that promote 
Aid. In addition, morpheus wants enough, when interview not easy stage fright.
5. data prepares: Ile of 獸 of expostulate with of coal of  Э take along sth to sb has entered all sorts of interview data, for example: ?
Proof of all previous, job and other concern a material.

The item that should notice when interview
1.Avoid by all means is late: Vulgar of uglying allow back hands in midge of ∠ of Yao A Chinese-style unlined garment hold?0 of ぴ of υ of moth acyl  comes 15 minutes best.
2.Psychological preparation: Qiong of Mu of archives of  beard Yan is contrary to benevolence  of  of grandma of Jian of  rudder Tuo casts? of Pi  
Oneself more should keep one's hair on, answer between the way one speaks or what he says polite, the manner wants cordial, active.
3.Should not make petty action: ? of  of huge rock of φ of Mu of grey  of Bu of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of  of Zheng of account of buttock of wooden tablets or slips for writing of bad of annulus of  uglying generation
Because too much petty action is not free movement from beginning to end.
4. should have self-confidence: ? of ox of fierce pregnant of  of  of unoccupied place ǎ of  of money of dainty of babbler of  of urgent blessing of  of ⅲ of the Zu in Zhuo
Make employer believes you are capable that competency works.
5. is not impatient: Yue of peach of carve of Ke of thorn of Quan Tuo Chi irrigates fish hawk to protect  grey  to shelter straightforward advice? of Jia 
Dismiss the figure of pawn of employer interest word.
6. behaves appropriately: To shirk uglying allow keeps room of  form washing with watercolors melt religion pig subtle? of Nai of  of  of ⒔ of Quan ぷ a huge legendary turtle
Problem, state you are right the job has fun at and true-blue.

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