The examination questions encyclopedia of interview official
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The examination questions of interview official encyclopedia

Why does the enterprise want interview? This is the person that the enterprise understands be recruited is to working manner and body in the society the best method of a few necessary general knowledge, if be utterly ignorant, it is to do not have a qualification to become of social elite, if wants to have the ability that replies instantly, should notice media covers more usually so, enter the message of industry about the hope especially! Mix in written examination, interview make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot in waiting for means of invite applications for a job, interview is a kind of when reflect applicant ability important step. A few classic common interview problems are below, although of every company asking a way is Protean, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, what alleged " applies is clever, put " of of one mind, mastered groovy methodological skill, interview is met of course of the success immediately upon arrival.

1, why do we want hire you?
Some interview have only so a problem. Although the word is simple, but difficulty is quite tall. Basically be those who check you is calm with self-confidence. Give a brief, polite answer: "I can have done me to want to be done thing, I believe myself, I work this conceivably " . According to oneself actual condition, think well, look how to say to just have highest conviction.

2, what is the weakness that you think you are the biggest?
The answer " that does not want think oneself clever absolutely my biggest drawback is too go after perfect " , some people think such answers can appear oneself are more outstanding, but in fact, he is already be between the beetle and the block.

3, what is the college courses that you like most? Why?
The course related the position that you should apply for compose a quarrel, those who behave oneself is true-blue without what disadvantage.

4, what is the college courses that you like least of all? Why?
I must say the major Cheng that is our university, although I know they are routine only public affairs, but on classroom inanimate, teacher and student just want to boil this semester " .

5, who is the teacher that you like most during the university?
Somebody ever answered very well: "Teach us the professor of advertisement sale, he can make classroom fills life. Let a student combine knowledge and reality cheek by jowl through example, is not to read textbook to death, I think the most " that I get from his body.

6, what can you bring for our company?
If you are possible word, it is OK to try to tell them you bring down their charge: "I had accepted those who cross Microsoft Access and Word to groom, can work with mount guard immediately " . (Access grooms $540 wanting a flower, word should spend $445, can save those who issue $1000 to groom for the company charge. )
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