8 duty field career is the most important hours
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Somebody will go to work the first day to call duty field career in " 8 the most important hours " . The graduate that just shucks off school uniform people whether to feel a few hesitation -- one of how beginning duty field career? How is ability person of a profession from the student decay in the tower of ivory? Before new fellow worker, should make again what kind of appear?

Big the four seasons, I and very much fellow student are same, hitting " exercitation " banner enters an advisory company, the hope can have " promotion " opportunity. But my fond dream went bankrupt. The exercitation ends, return the school, I must devote into the spring tide that apply for a job. A day of August, I hear of suddenly, this company produced a high level to change, a copartner is taking his forces to leave a company suddenly, for a short while, the hand that picks up the telephone in the office is insufficient. Tell me instinctively: The opportunity came. I call to sectional manager, demonstrate oneself sincerity, likelihood the company is very difficult really at that time, the manager agreed very quickly, "Next week one, you will go to work. "

Sai! I should go to work! The first day goes to work, must give everybody a surprise. On week early in the morning at 8 o'clock half, I am punctual will to manager office report for duty. Push the door, "Mr. Sun, I came. "When jackarooing previously, I see everybody calls a teacher. The manager raises a head, knitting eyebrow: "Xiaosong, the first day, you learn " employee manual " . "

Come out from manager room, secretly the expression with conjecture strange manager, is he to blaming me to did not call him " manager " ? When can jackarooing before, I also call him " Mr. Sun " ah! The sectional fellow worker that I am in did not leave mostly, see friend, I go up one by one greet sb, readily " teacher " , the good student about of a pair of modest study. Work in the same placing tap the head that taps me, "Resemble a child really. "

On the seat that returns oneself, I am preparing to be familiar with business, hear someone calls my name however. "Song Lian, you help me copy these a few pieces of data. " " good, mr. Zhang. " when jackarooing, help great master the work that duplicate, fax is my one's duty. Come out from duplicate room, see anteroom water machine do not have water, I hurry again water supply station calls. Just dropped a telephone call, again the colleague lets me inform send a portion the material to assembly room downstage. I see downstage busy, put forward actively to help her send. Push the door of assembly room, see the manager is attending a meeting with a few colleagues only, "Xiaosong, I explain it seems your " employee manual " , you look badly! You prepare the data of lucky appearance company, we see afternoon together see them... " did not wait for me to make known one's position, one " teacher " joke like say: "She still is a child, the client thinks for certain is a trainee... " click in my heart, do seek advice from this group to want society and client contact with namely, how can I miss this opportunity. The manager saw me a few seconds, and I also endeavor to make mature record, "Then you go again next time, follow Laowang afternoon they attend a meeting a plan. "
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