Duty field know-all, how can you just rise job?
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The world cup went, what is the football saying? The football complains sadly say: On competition ground, by tens of thousands fan is me, the leading role with important beyond challenge -- the adorer of the football, everybody is casting deeply anxious eyes as my scroll position, where do I fly to, where does everybody's heart fly to, where does everybody's attention put in, make me proud mix proud.

But, left field, everybody remembers Qidanei, Xiaoluo collect only... etc, until retire very long, still missing them, give forgotten completely me however.

Duty field case: On duty field, q is " know-all " , brothers is much, can handle affairs, company leader had socially thing, little not look for him to do calm, company interior, which branch had difficulty, little also not look for him to help. But, the company raises the thing of duty not to have a predestined relationship with him however, leading a medium rank is A, B, C, D, and Q is in their eye, it is Q only, poor still from the A that is turn for litre of duty, B, C, D far. This still does not calculate, still regard him as in the company " meeting " , where is fast " and " , stick him where, special charge the enemy lines, gnaw hard bone. Eventually one day, q left a company, leaders also are done not have deep-felt persuade to stay, after going till him, suddenly, the boss is good regret, feel to cannot leave him, how doesn't other people of a lot of businesses do? Have that Q only, hey! Did not take steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste at the outset when solid food, did not take mayor to become a cadre, also had not considered the feeling of Q.

Grand power professional adviser analyses: On duty field, the boss servantchooses a person for a job, it is one one agile, this wanting loyal and devoted work in an enterprise all the time go down, but often because of a lot of wrong things, final passivity left this company, become the one-time chopstick in boss hand.

How can work on a post that admire in the heart go down, plunge into a root, rise duty raises then so, do not do the one-time chopstick in boss hand.

One, face rough, want to undertake sensibly complaining, expressed an opinion already, stay for oneself again have whirly room.

Main show is in the cause that employee causes to complain in the company the following respects: 1. Cannot see company or individual develop prospect; 2. Cannot get expectant promotion raises; Cannot get 3 accredit. The boss' acceptance cannot cash; 4. Do not have interest to present occupation; 5. Human concern is intense; 6. Working exhaustion; Actuating pressure is great; Face these situations, the society dominates his sentiment, do not see the person complains, use blame means suitably, notice the situation that blame, had chosen the opportune moment that complain, put forward to solve the proposal of the problem. Wrong to the thing person, cannot delay the job.

Do not complain to complain, although can in a way is slow temporarily depressed, but the problem was not solved after complaining, do however oneself hard base oneself upon.
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