Duty field strategy: A month blends in new company
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The palm of the continous that change character that gets along with the colleague type

Change new job eventually! Be full of expect to go to take up office, discover however " natural environment refuses to obey " , get used to new working environment hard, also cannot develop actual strength, how should this moment do? How can you just avoid encounter this kind of situation?

Actually so called " suit " be not the issue that takes personnel one-sided newly, "Employee fits new working environment " with "
The company fits to take staff newly " be be as close as lips and teeth. Had this knowledge, be about to let a company actively come " suit " you, increase in the opportunity of exposure of company look good as result of recieving praise as far as possible, deepen the work in the same placing's impression.

Turn before 3 months after duty, it is the level with get used to new environment the most important. Among them, what need an attention most is the first month. If be in later 3 the middle of a month also can be added more to these notes advertent, believe to be able to follow new company very quickly to achieve self-identity.

The item that the first month should notice has at least the following these, can be " surpass first " the key that decides victory or defeat.


Advance preparation: Affirm course going to work

Want above all as far as possible the information related collect and company. Wait like content of structure of branch, organization, detailed professional work, if can understand again,the history of the company is mixed the course of change and development is better.

Changeover job should stay a few breath the time that rest, had adjusted mood and state of mind, just won't will the habitual belt of the company arrives before on new working post.

The course that affirms traffic going to work beforehand certainly -- when to go out to just won't be late, can traffic jam, arrange nice gift won't hurry-scurry.


The first day: Affirmatory outfit style

Try to know the dress style of this company staff first, do not wear as antipathetic as company style dress to go to work.

The first impression has very big effect to be being met in the future, must not be late.

Draft the outline of fine self introduction first.

Just knew all colleagues impossibly immediately into the company, do not pass or should greet sb with the family first, this is communication the first pace, when others strikes up a conversation with you too late.


The following day: Understanding works duty

Just took a company the following day, the branch is in charge of or the colleague can have a meal please probably, do a welcome party, this is the good method of familiar new company, organic meeting attends more.

Watch the atmosphere of duty field and working technological process of a day well. The bosom friend tells the other, ability suits successful.
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