What new husband wants had balance method
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The balance that new husband wants to have art

(one) new director, your ready-made?

One day, you are made undertake one time length talking with high-level controller, specific talk is a lot of more likely, but the core information that should transmit however normally very simple: "Your work hard got get one's own back, since tomorrow you will become a governor. " congratulation you! You may have been unofficial group leader, also had gone up to run course, had read many books that how become governor, the arrival that is this one day made a lot of preparation. But, begin from now, the period of time after be being mixed before controller is made formally in you, you still need to make more preparation, among them the preparation that the most important is not skill, however the change on the idea.

New appointment group leader is the person that breaks down the most possibly. We are seldom the phenomenon that sees new director breaks down, because those not competent new directors disappeared very quickly, this made us complete forget them. Actually, the period that every new director can pass in mentally or long or short ego suspects, their growing method often also has a hollow that be down to experience at this moment, next, the new director of those successful transition will jump new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, regain the relaxed freely position that when serving as the most first-class staff formerly, ever experienced.

When remembering you making subordinate

To how becoming a good leader, have much academic work and self-help (How-to) book, the row has 5 7 measure, sides, 4 are confused think of (Myth) and so on is pressed for the person etc need to choose. They are summed up very wonderfully normally, 5 kinds of action that for instance a classic leader force work offers a leader are: Set oneself an example to others, open in all wish current situation of scene, challenge, make everybody travel, incentive popular feeling. These leader law are efficient really, but I think, cast these wonderful one's words, new director needs to remember well in the may be a special guileless however word of the heart above all: When be being written down so that you make subordinate.

Majority person ever had made subordinate before becoming governor, they ever also may blame the immediate boss previously: For instance all things are caught closely, do not know accredit, the outcome that knows the demand is better only, do not know timely encourage, know to take current target seriously only, without extended program, imparity approachs all group member, often interrupt your regular job to wait a moment with general affairs. But, review oneself later for some time too when these new directors when the management of first phase is experienced, often can discover, they were done a lot of oneself are subordinate when the administrative action that place does not like -- they seemed to forget their to once also had been done thoroughly by controller, forgot to allow their vexed thing before.
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