Field taking office avoids killer of 3 large high pay
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Field taking office avoids 3 large high pay killer

Pass in and out is high-grade office building, the room has a car, the man is demeanour elegant, the lady is graceful. Be in however these light are bright beautiful is rear redound is not as quits as what pay, the room borrows the pressure that shifts with the car to also make their life quality called a discount. Shine to maintain beautiful the life they are painful joyless however move.

According to CHR Ke Rui the data of center of professional adviser survey shows: The professional person of 49% thinks their pay not as quits as redound; The person of 63% thinks past perch is rising and difficult; The professional white-collar of 68% bears greater economic pressure.

Why ability and pay cannot be equal quite, the research that expert of adviser of Ke Rui profession carries pair of Ke Rui case discovers the high pay killer that became professional person at 3 o'clock below.

High pay killer one: Communication not in the proper way by " silent " kill

Chen Dong is the sale director of some illicit look forward to, come two years, his outstanding achievement is climbed successively litre, what achieve a company to sell outstanding achievement repeatedly is new tall. He not only the sale ace that is a rare, and whole sale group is guided in his falling also is vivid and dramatic, the sale ability of each salesperson also is to rise successively, guided group also makes the star group of the company. It is however in recent human affairs preferment, manager of his directly under superior recommended another director to become the assistant manager's position, the outstanding achievement that making what Chen Dongyu covers tightly is another director is inferior to him, other ability is not as good as him also, but what why be chosen is him however?

Professional adviser analyses CHR Ke Rui and suggest:

Chen Dong has sober knowledge to his ability and inadequacy, also made plan and target; But in the process in seek high pay, he however oversight an important segment, that is " communication ability " . Pardonable his " high pay " in a silent sound, also gradually " sunken " .

Pass the communication of adviser of profession of our Ke Rui and Chen Dong, when understanding old Dong Ping, be in as very few as the communication between leader and employee, his idea attacks to working in the sale, fine business quality and ability were shown in the job, but be he uses energy on the job, before the client can passion 4 excessive, but be just like besides the job was to be taken " stranger not close " mask; Do not pay attention to a few detail, the plan that still throws a leadership sometimes plans to develop the work by his only, although obtain pretty good outstanding achievement but make a leader big also frown.

Tripartite communicates to be built in all harmonious

Chen Dong needs to communicating communication fluctuation kongfu. Inferior always should be argument in order to be subject to to superior, when be being communicated with the leader, should know carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, utterance has advance and retreat, what word should say what word ought not to say to want to withhold a few minutes, had different opinion to want to put forward, do not want persist one's old ways; What stand with colleague communication is equal on angle, the attitude that both neither should stand high above the masses one pair also does not want grovel, improperly belittle oneself; When be communicated with employee, the attitude that is about to care in order to caress delivers his affinity go out, hot result helps subordinate, show their work, care their life. A such outstanding achievement are outstanding, before leadership staff personnel the person of do a job with skill and ease, get promoting to a high office, winning high pay is can be expected soon.
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