Choose professional handler 6 old law
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Choose person of duty already manage 6 old law

Civilian battalion enterprise wants to break through management bottleneck, the professional husband that introduces high quality is hasten of place of a general trends, although the integrated quality of domestic profession handler remains to rise, the environment of professional handler still also remains farther standard, but with respect to the bottleneck that at present civilian battalion enterprise encounters in be managed actually and difficult problem of all much management and market, the successful experience that cannot have continued to rely on boss individual really will solve, the undermine the foundation that passes familiar friend introduction, congener company or the intermediary of hunt head firm, make a few big instruments of handler of profession of seek of employer of civilian battalion industry, but how should be introduced correctly after all and to how should be introduced correctly after all and apply professional handler?

, limit the requirement that understands oneself

This problem looks it is not difficult to be like, but what is the real demand that doesn't the boss of a lot of enterprises know him at the beginning? The sales volume of product of for example company and profit dropped, market control occurrence problem, this looks it is OK to seem to want inspector general of a sale only. But true condition often is not such, want careful deep dig down to go, find the real reason of occurrence problem, just can need to introduce certainly next so the problem that ace of a sale management will come to to solve an enterprise, have some of apparently sale problem possibly also, the disorder that is interior management system actually causes. Sale ace will also may not solve real problem.

2, make an on-the-spot investigation bearing of the other side and apply for a purpose

It is more important that bearing compares professional ability absolutely, this problem is above criticism! The moral quality that should know a person can pass him (she) former working unit and staff investigation are obtained; Still want careful find outing at the same time, is what the other side takes a fancy to you high pay water? Be still you the future of this enterprise? Or individual glamour of the boss? Have the idea of other? Heads of some professional manager population convey the working skill with ability real prep above, oneself real intent was concealed intentionally when interview, this makes the chooser can make wrong choice way.

3, those who prove the other side is actual ability

Ability has many sided, after before clearing up two problems, prove the working ability of the other side very easily actually, person selected of chief inspector of resource of for example manpower, besides professional record of formal schooling, the unit that must investigate him to work before is led and employee is evaluated to his, he himself is in the viewpoint of this respect and certain and successful case. If be person selected of sale chief inspector, besides the academic accomplishment that should see him and actual combat ability, the integrated harmonious ability that sees him even communicates ability and the ability that lead a team with what follow fluctuation course.
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