Duty field study learns like the thief art
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Duty field study resembles learning extremely art

Author: A surname Ming He

Everybody has sufficient reason to complain, but if imagine oneself,be chased for a burglar, a service is unripe with by tens of thousands the renown school of international center company gives birth to competition, what kind of difficulty and difficult problem is this? The calm is answered like them, win out leisurely!

Burglar learns what hear of before craft early about " thief art the truth of " , to today's a lot of person as much applicable.

Once upon a time, the son of a burglar sees his father is gradually old, him concern does not have chief skill personally, cannot raise the home in the future, decide child bear father line of business.

He told his father this desire, latter agreed immediately. This day night, father is getting a son to turn over a wall to enter room, entered a rich other people. Father opens a cabinet smoothly, call a son to go in take some of clothing and other articles of daily use. The son just presented cabinet inside, this father locked up cupboard door. Flap thing does phonate to ring intentionally next, escape from antecedents stealthily.

This family ran immediately, lift the lamp to ransack, although know to have wicked patronage, do not know to be in where extremely however. The son of that burglar wonders in the exceedingly in ark, the what heart that father installs to know? Dong Saixi thinks, plan on the heart comes, the sound of content of mice to bite is given out in his mouth. This family wants amah to open a cabinet to look, who knows cupboard door to just opened an in part, burglar son jumps blow destroy lights, overturn amah, of die rushed out.

This family is chased after closely at the back do not abandon, chase after so that burglar son hates nobody to had taught his the art of concealed body only, he sees wayside well having an opening, show resourcefulness in an emergency, in picking up a well of face of a big stone, lose. Stone falls Jing Zhisheng was heard by pursuer, they stop to search for wicked mark in the well, burglar son this ability be able to extricate oneself.

Burglar son returns the home in, see keep be being blamed after father.

Father says, "Son, do not grouse, tell me how you escape. "Listening to the extricate oneself course that the son narrates, father is very satisfactory, he pats the son's shoulder, say: "Good, you now already craft is in personally. "

The service is born win out

Not be to say to do burglar to have how to be worth to encourage, say we want to settle the way of the problem in much at ordinary times intention however, foster composed and firm and persistent intelligence more easily. To everybody, as meaning often 10 have 89, after encountering a problem, not be to complain, painful, want to face reality soberly however. Tell oneself " is not brokenhearted! Let me want, certainly a method can solve it! "Encounter difficult hard to avoid not to make a person painful, but the gains after solving the problem truly will be bigger.
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