What professional female develops you is new 5 feeling
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What professional female develops you is new 5 feel

Is your eye used only look? Is your ear used only listen? Does your mouth use an address only? ... should use these organs reasonably only, you can get different feeling.

The first feeling: Look


Ada does originality research, the profession asks she must be known more than others, experience is more extensive than others. She what like to read also is having better public praise in a person of same business, also be little famous energy of life. The person of the same trade saw is fine words says 3 times, adulatory 3 big basket. As time passes, the complacent mood of Ada also came up, at ordinary times besides now and then receive a CASE, it is to make an appointment with a friend between great a long time mad street, take afternoon tea.

At this moment a big CASE comes over to hit her, hope she can be taken over, after she heard the opinion of the other side, be interested very much, take over immediately. After a month, she finishs the job as scheduled, the ability when be being handed in to client hand knows so this client looked for a few to do originality at the same time. Be so such ah? Ada is experienced very uncomfortable. The result comes out more make Ada amazed, the law case that thinks oneself are perfect formerly suffers a client to like certainly, the novice that did not think of to one enters this 5 years later than her to go took this law case. And exceeding also him self-identity was defeated by Ada really.

Professional adviser thinks:

Originality worker maintains new move the most importantly namely, once new move loses the source power that can lose creative work. Because his achievement has begun to go up,carefree life is not bad thing, but if indulge blindly among them, meet only him fritter away volition. This moment goes out more, view the world outside, be his to charge in time just is settlement only way.

The 2nd feeling: Listen


Lucy is article of some foreign enterprise member, compare with English contact with at ordinary times much, often need to translate various English data, and the data that examine also is English mostly. The English of Lucy does not have a word to say, the interpreter rises none laborious also, the word of out-of-the-way of again difficult second birth arrives here can get the result in time. But she has a fatal weak point -- cannot communicate with foreigner language. Lucy to overcome this one difficulty, read English newspaper desperately everyday, mark the issue that all need mark with English, but effects is very small. Because fear to communicate with the foreigner all the time, lucy is too so defective the opportunity that speaks face-to-face with the foreigner, actually the opportunity has a lot of, but she always runs every time far, be forced to choose to do the business of written interpreter. Business of a day of company is very urgent, she does not escape again, be forced toughen one's scalp-brace oneself and foreigner undertake communicating, did not think of to be forced urgent Lucy actually a bit problem also is done not have, her discovery and foreigner communication are difficult not at all before.
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