Encounter rational duty field when working enthusiasm
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When the job passion encounters rational duty field

I call Sun Wen, the friend calls me little article. Want in those days, the undergraduate of I and most strong finish school is same, the heart that cherishs an absolute sincerity complacent, leave to vow solemnly when the school, want to exhibit hands or feet greatly in brand-new working environment.

I learn to build one's previous experience, just entered construction company exercitation, I am breathed out to be drunk like a coolie, everywhere by assign. It is to having a few years of jobs in the company year endowment old engineer, I what do not have social experience can be only of course dozen of right-hand seat is made in the job. But my willingly bear the burden of hard works, those old engineers feel pretty good to me, after the exercitation expires, I signed working contract with this construction company, worked formally.

Any jobs of in advance are extremely fresh to me, it is a picture to draw very simple project blueprint, want a kind to coming is take exercise very well. Increase the credit that other and senior engineer works to me, I am work overtime to also want to accomplish the work that explains oneself best the most satisfactory.

Go every day with respect to such days, flash worked two years, these two years everything is very quiet, my job also does not have very big change. Just, work two years, the job that I discover to I do still is mixed when just taking a company in those days about the same. The company presses endowment platoon generation, although oneself come in two years, still can be the age in the company is the smallest, also make the share of simple small business only of course. A project comes down, everybody divides the work to leave some of bagatelle, sundry to give me finally. Although I can be every time before formulary time,finish the job very outstandingly, although get the admiration of other engineer every time, but be clear about in myself heart, oneself ability still comes out without play far. I feel myself everyday the job always is so step-by-step, oneself resemble a small screw, just having the effect of fixed machine.

Everyday, I spend the time on the job not to grow, can finish the job on the hand easily, reduplicative devises the thinking way of plot and go round and round, let my passion subsidise. I begin to worry a bit, he is like is the frog in Wen Shui, I very fear, is the pursuit before oneself, newspaper lost can you go aground in life rhythm of Wen Tun? And, plainspoken, like me such screw also has very big can replace a gender, the university graduates more than two years, the professional knowledge that the school acquires is used up slowly in the job, also charge without idea recently, go down so again, every sky midday have a meal to wait afternoon next, I at the outset where did passion go? Where did my aspiration go again?

such, I feel myself more and more resemble a robot same, went up everyday the class can come off work earlier with respect to the hope, although I am trying to search once working enthusiasm, still can be of no help. In a project, because I gave small error cursorily, be led greatly by the company accordingly example. Later before long, I resigned, everyday abominable mood makes me honest work without method brace. I want to change an environment to perhaps had been met, but, apply for a job afresh and not quite successful, leave his post now two many months, I had not found good new job.
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