Life philosophic theory: 5 keys of life
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Life philosophic theory: Of life 5 the key

In May 2001, the Mai Dixun middle school of American Nevada went out when matriculation so a title: Bill·There is 5 drawer that takes a lock on Gates' desk, sticking fortune, interest, happy, honorary, success respectively 5 label; Gates always takes a key only, and it is 4 locks of other in the drawer, which key is what excuse me Gates takes? Which 4 other locks are or in which a few drawers?

A mainland student of firm emigrant United States, catch up with this exam by chance, after seeing this theme, confused hands or feet, because he does not know it after all,be a Chinese problem or a maths problem. The exam ends, the security that he goes to asking him -- , a director of this school. Director tells him, that is subject of a intelligence test, content is not on book, also do not have standard answer, everybody can understand freely answer according to his, but the teacher has authority to give a mark according to his viewpoint.

Mainland student got 5 minutes on this problem of 9 minutes. The teacher thinks, he did not answer a word, explain he is honest at least, should give a half the mark of above by this. Letting what he cannot understand is, his with desk answer this title, got 1 cent only however. Be the same as the answer of the desk is, building what Ci takes is the key on fortune drawer, the key of other is locked up in this drawer.

Later, this problem is sent to go back to the motherland through l of i of E- m a inside. This student is right in mail the classmate says, what I already knew Gates is taken now is which keys, always answer this key, got the affirmation of this millionaire and admiration, whether are you willing to check, still perhaps can get from which a few inspire.

Classmates gave out after all how many kinds of answer, our unknown. But, allegedly a clever fellow student ascended the webpage that the United States learns in Maidixun, he gave out Bill on this webpage·Gates gives this a letter of school. Writing on correspondence so a word: On the thing that is interested most in you, under cover the secret of your life.