Manager, does your administrative art arrive what state?
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Manager, does your administrative art arrive what state?

Regnal dimension is in " terrestrial notes and comments on Chinese poetry " say: "Gu Jinzhi becomes the important matter course of study, person that the university asks, pass 3 kinds state surely: ' tree of green jade of wither of yesterday evening west wind. Go up alone high-rise, visit skyline region ' . This the first condition also. ' the garment is taken gradually wide eventually not regret, the disappear that it is Yi gets a person gaunt. ' this the 2nd condition also. ' numerous in search him a thousand times, suddenly turn one's head, that person is in however, lights wanes to the close place ' . This the 3rd condition also. "

Since novel with parts in verse has a state, push and wide, management has the branch of relative superiority or inferiority naturally, of Yun Ni not. Be in actually " grandchildren strategics " in, to the war also was to offer a few arrangement, everybody should be very familiar -- " cut down of the arms on reason is sought, next cut down is handed in, next cut down arms, its fall attack a town. "

Can not battle and nature of Qu Renzhi arms is the thing with most complacent head, but on the interior management that is in an enterprise, the high level is the most important is not to ponder over these specific issues, make the way that the company grows however, with the business that separates person of authority, drive. According to this train of thought, the author also divided government 3 states:

Initial phase: Manage with art

This phase, person of a lot of businesses has been experienced, during pointing to what doing poineering work to take shape commonly: The company is not normal still, but profit is very high. Him what job wants to do: Tubal technology, run business, follow car discharging even. This moment, the enterprise does not talk to go up what organizes a structure, also do not talk to go up management. Basically be management is in act well automatically, everybody the goal is consistent, make concerted effort, the leader needs to see a situation in the market only, see action tear open action, namely the government that a lot of people say does not have calm situation.

And the thought of this art, a prime minister in feudal China of Korea of period of the Warring States of out our country -- explain do not kill, the main meaning at that time has two sides, establish and use oneself authority be autonomy; 2 it is to use amount government items of an account and occurrences in human life, now also is very advanced presumably.

But, arrived when the enterprise takes shape, this kind of thought can appear a few problems, although pass a few it is OK to revise hold together, but resemble pulling cart with the pony, not be to go up absolutely of beautiful anthology.

Say this is the train of thought under management, the reason has 3:

() cannot each doing his own job

Distinguished economist Wu Jinglian has said a word: "Face the immediate pressure of global economic integration, the civilian battalion business that lacks technical advantage and capital dominant position must realize an industry to specialization, management specializations, capital specializations, insist to change the way of development subtly. " and the leader or at this one phase is a versatile person, or is a talent, because of this moment, just is an enterprise when specializationing least of all, company manager often should handle a lot of work at the same time, go up to also can lean only to manpower resource at ordinary times look to appoint, such going down the enterprise can lose energy slowly.
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