Time government: Squeeze everyday go out one hour
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Time government: Squeeze everyday piece a hour
-- common of 20 years of business districts and not common

One is called rich Lan Kelin·Fei Erde's person ever had said incisively so a word: The watershed of success and failure can be used so 5 words are conveyed -- ' I do not have time ' .

Be in current in the time with this life compact rhythm, people did not fill the time of more than to finish everyday it seems that the issue that wants to do, so a lot of thought gave up at this point. But there still are a lot of people to be liked with the individual that insists to squeeze the time that gives one hour to develop his at least everyday on the world. In fact I notice, the person that often busies the more, he can be squeezed more give this one hour.

The biggest chemical company on current world -- the Ford of president division service of Du Bang company·Case forest watt, squeeze a hummer of a hour of research everyday (the smallest bird on a kind of world) , take a picture to hummer with special device. The about hummer book that authoritative personage writes him calls the outstanding work in natural history a series of books.

Cease case·Before Black enters American parliament, had not gotten higher education. He from 100 busy in squeeze everyday go out one hour to well-read to congress library, include the book of the respect such as politics, history, philosophy, poetry, be like a day several years, it is namely in the day with parliamentary the busiest job also never discontinuous over- . He became the judge of American supreme court after, at this moment he already was one of personages with the very broad and profound knowledge in the supreme court.

I admit, should squeeze it is not easy to give this one hour. Need has determination and constancy of purpose. The key depends on how trying to get this one hour, and use it effectively.

The brains of everybody is capable to create and imagine, the key depends on seeking an opportunity for oneself. A Greek book elevator that is called Nigula maintains labour to be very interested in modern science, after he comes off work everyday, arrive before dinner, always want a flower one hour to assiduously study nuclear physics to learn the book of the respect. As knowledge accumulate increase, a thought jumps his brain. He put forward to establish the plan of accelerator of a kind of new-style particle 1948. This kind of accelerator is compared cheap and the accelerator cost of other type is stronger at that time. He submits the plan to committee of American nuclear energy to make a test, again via improving, this accelerator saved 70 million dollar for the United States. Nigulade arrived the award of 10 thousand dollar, still be invited to California university radiative lab works.

Rich Lan Kelin·Luo Sifu is in the time with the hardest war, force oneself to squeeze an one hour stamp collecting constantly, so as to casts off everything all round. Ceng Gao of deceased Mrs Ji Ni appeals to me, the president often goes in those days that room that she provides, close oneself inside, moving back and forth stamp of of all kinds. President when complexion is cloudy, mood melancholy, whacked. When when he walks out of a house to leave, psychosis changed completely, ameliorated, it seems that whole world becomes bright.
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