International tourism enterprises in Hainan Island, the school was held in Sanya
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November 2 -4 days, "the first international tourism in Hainan Island (Sanya) School Enterprise Talent Fair" Sanya City in Hainan Province, Human Resources Development Bureau. The Fair aims to build the major colleges and Sanya tourism enterprises a platform for exchanges and cooperation in seeking solutions to school-enterprise problem of talent supply and demand sides tourist class an effective way. Housing Cheung Wang Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs Director of Career Center graduates. Housing Cheung Wang said, as a Foreign Affairs University, the direction of educating people and their development coincides Sanya City. This time, his travel long distances to attend the school and enterprise personnel Sanya Fair, is optimistic about the tourist city of Sanya as an international school graduates who can give tremendous employment opportunities. Housing Cheung Wang said: "We build a foreign language specialty school talent, as well as tourism, business oriented, and Sanya City is a city of heavy travel, together with some of our previous graduates of the current employment situation in Sanya, better , but there are entrepreneurs in the Sanya, some alumni. Therefore, For this purpose, we take a look at this side of the development prospects for graduates look for a way out, take a look at this side of the employment environment, employment, treatment of what would happen to make our students more practice in Sanya, more students in Sanya employment, home safety and more students able to Sanya. I think this is a good choice for them. " In this Fair, more than 20 institutions from around the country with more than 60 Sanya tourism enterprises local demand and supply of talent had extensive contact and conversation. Cooperation through negotiations, not only way to solve the problem of school students, but also for the needs of Sanya City Tourism professionals provide an effective channel for both schools and enterprises to make each other understand their own characteristics and needs, and further to achieve win-win bilateral cooperation, innovation and the Sanya Tourism personnel development mode.